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Cancer diagnosis risk for women with sleep apnoea
Tues May 21st - Women with obstructive sleep apnoea are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than men with the condition, according to Greek research published last night. More
Technique uncovers signs of potentially fatal cardiac arrest
Tues May 21st - A brain imaging technique has been used for the first time to help identify the signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a UK study revealed last night. More
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UK News


UK News for January 2019

28/2/19 - Action call on war zone medical facilities
Senior UK doctors are pressurising the government to press for the enforcement on international agreements protecting medical facilities and clinicians in war zones. More

28/2/19 - GPs face new antibiotics pressure
Pensioners with urinary tract infections should get rapid antibiotic treatment to reduce risk of sepsis, researchers say today. More

27/2/19 - New motor neurone disease gene
The discovery of a new genetic subtype of motor neurone disease could lead to treatments for some patients, British scientists have reported. More

26/2/19 - Children's multivitamins lack recommended vitamin D levels
Most of the multivitamin products aimed at children do not provide the recommended dose of vitamin D, researchers warn today. More

26/2/19 - Long working hours linked to female depression
Women who work more than 55 hours a week face increased risk of suffering from depression, researchers report today. More

25/2/19 - Smartphone app helps TB patients
Patients with tuberculosis are more likely to continue their drug treatment if they are supported by treatment via smartphones, according to a new study. More

22/2/19 - PTSD in young people 'wake-up call'
One in 13 young people in the UK has suffered post-traumatic disorder – and almost one third has had a traumatic experience – before they reach the age of 18, the first UK study of its kind reports today. More

18/2/19 - How AI could improve ovarian cancer care
Artificial intelligence can improve the prognostic accuracy of ovarian cancer tests by a factor of four, British researchers have reported. More

18/2/19 - How tobacco increases melanoma risk
Smokers are much more vulnerable to the effects of melanoma than are non-smokers, according to a study conducted in the north of England. More

14/2/19 - New drive to prevent CVD
A major drive to tackle the three major causes of cardiovascular disease in England has been announced. More

14/2/19 - UTI symptoms may indicate cancer - conference told
Women treated for urinary tract infections should be investigated for cancer if serious symptoms persist, a conference heard last night. More

13/2/19 - Caution over head injury reporting
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy remains poorly understood – despite links to contact sports, experts warn today. More

13/2/19 - Early lung cancer test created
A new test could help early diagnosis of lung cancer by measuring levels of DNA in the blood, British researchers have reported. More

13/2/19 - HPV screening creates new stigmas
Cervical cancer screening is increasingly using HPV testing – but this carries its own stigma that may deter women from taking part, researchers warn today. More

12/2/19 - 'Masterswitch' discovered in the immune system
Scientists have found a 'masterswitch' in the immune system, opening the way for new treatments for a range of immune-related diseases, it was announced last night. More

11/2/19 - Warning on 'heat not burn' tobacco devices
A new generation of e-cigarettes that use raw tobacco are as toxic as traditional cigarettes, researchers say today. More

8/2/19 - Women researchers fight odds to highlight sex differences
Only a minority of biomedical studies provide an analysis by sex – and often this is only because there are women researchers involved, researchers report today. More

7/2/19 - New backing for HPV screening
The cervical screening programme in the UK will be more efficient when it switches to testing for HPV, researchers say today. More

6/2/19 - Win for football fitness drive
A gender-specific initiative for increasing men’s health has been found to be effective across several different European countries, researchers report today. More

6/2/19 - Chronic disease link to inactivity
Physical inactivity may be creating a further, avoidable health risk for people living with chronic disease, British experts have warned. More

5/2/19 - Oesophageal cancer genes mapped
More than half the mutations that cause oesophageal adenocarcinoma could be targeted by drugs currently in trials for other cancer types, according to research published in Nature Genetics last night. More

5/2/19 - Largest map of human Alzheimer's brain published
The largest dataset into the human brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease has been published, paving the way for new research into dementia. More

5/2/19 - Largest gut bacteria database launches
Scientists have discovered more than 100 new gut bacteria as part of a project to create the biggest database of its kind, it was announced last night. More

4/2/19 - Skin cancer hijacks the immune system
Invasive skin cancer releases molecules that reprogramme healthy immune cells, enabling the disease to spread, British researchers have reported. More

1/2/19 - PICSI IVF therapy does not alleviate male infertility
The PICSI IVF technique does not help to alleviate male infertility, according to the results from a trial published today. More

1/2/19 - More than 4 million post-surgical deaths globally
More people across the world die within 30 days of surgery than from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined, UK research has revealed. More

1/2/19 - Statins reduce cardiovascular disease risk in older people - review
Patients over the age of 75 benefit from taking statins to reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to an analysis published today. More

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