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Pregnancy pain relief guidance published
Thurs Dec 13th - Women who need pain relief during pregnancy and while breast-feeding should rely on paracetamol so far as possible, new guidance says today. More
Hazards of a Swedish Christmas Eve
Thurs Dec 13th - The day most likely to trigger an acute myocardial infarction is Christmas Eve – at least in Sweden – according to a new analysis. More
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UK News


UK News for September 2017

31/10/17 - Warning of climate impact on health
Climate change is already having a serious effect on health, according to an analysis published today. More

30/10/17 - Digital nurse to tackle fake cancer news
A “digital nurse” is to be deployed to help cancer patients sift fake news on-line, it was announced today. More

27/10/17 - New drive for zero measles deaths as UK pumps cash into vaccines
The number of people dying from measles worldwide last year was less than 100,000 for the first time, it was announced last night. More

26/10/17 - Brain tumours show cell similarities
New research has identified common processes by which different types of brain tumours generate and use energy to survive in the brain. More

26/10/17 - Early diagnosis link to cancer surgery
Early diagnosis hugely increases the likelihood that cancer patients can have tumour removal surgery, according to an analysis published today. More

25/10/17 - Thermal nanoparticles to treat cancer?
‘Game-changing’ intelligent nanoparticles that can kill cancerous cells but avoid healthy tissue have been developed by scientists at a British university. More

25/10/17 - New malaria targets found
Several new malaria vaccine targets have been identified by a UK research team, British researchers have announced. More

24/10/17 - Genetic variants linked to breast cancer discovered
A major international study has identified 72 new genetic variants that contribute to the risk of developing breast cancer. More

24/10/17 - Genetic test could help to fight secondary breast cancer
A new genetic test could help thousands of breast cancer patients at risk of developing aggressive secondary tumours. More

23/10/17 - Warning as resistance contributes to sepsis risk
Growing numbers of patients are needing treatment for antibiotic resistance blood stream infections, Public Health England warned today. More

20/10/17 - Child obesity problems grows
Efforts to reduce child obesity are failing, according to new figures showing an increasing problem amongst school-starters. More

20/10/17 - Mutations that trigger cancer
The number of mutations need to make a cell cancerous is “small,” according to the findings of a major analysis published today. More

19/10/17 - Alarm as female teen self-harm increases
Rates of reported self-harm among young teenaged girls have increased substantially this decade, researchers warn today. More

18/10/17 - HIV prevention cost-effective
A national programme of pre-exposure prophylaxis for men who have sex with men is cost-effective, according to an analysis published today. More

18/10/17 - Hope for colorectal cancer drug
Scientists have identified a new way of modifying the Wnt cell signalling pathway that could help treat colorectal cancers, it has been announced. More

17/10/17 - Commercial weight loss programme prevents diabetes
A commercial weight loss company was dramatically successful in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes in high risk patients, researchers report today. More

17/10/17 - 10p and nudge cut sugared drinks orders
A major restaurant chain successfully reduced customer orders for sugar-sweetened beverages by a tenth through introducing a 10p levy – and other measures, researchers report today. More

16/10/17 - How the immune system revives dormant cancer cells
Dormant cancer cells may use the immune system to revive themselves, taking advantage of the natural responses that keep them in check, according to British researchers today. More

16/10/17 - Ticking time bomb of teen health problems
Britain needs to invest more in the health of teenagers and young adults to tackle a “ticking time bomb” of problems, campaigners say today. More

13/10/17 - English hospices praised
Hospices in England are providing the best care of any sector in the country, inspectors say today ahead of a global campaign to improve palliative care. More

12/10/17 - Fragile progress against drug-resistance
Progress in tackling drug-resistant organisms is “fragile,” senior scientists warn today. More

12/10/17 - Malaria progress “stalling” - analysis
Progress against malaria in large parts of Africa has stalled despite recent progress, according to a major study published last night. More

10/10/17 - Teenagers suffer fatigue after cancer care
Teenagers treated for cancer can suffer from fatigue for years afterwards, according to a study published today. More

9/10/17 - Call for consistent bereavement care for parents who lose babies
Parents who lose a baby during pregnancy or after childbirth face a “postcode” lottery of care, campaigners say today. More

6/10/17 - Hope for lupus care improvements
Senior rheumatologists have promised measurable improvements in care from new guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of lupus published today. More

5/10/17 - Experts critique regenerative medicine
The field of regenerative medicine is being jeopardised by low quality research and should be reformed, say a team of experts this week. More

4/10/17 - Vitamin D boosts asthma drugs
Vitamin D supplements could boost the protective effect of standard asthma medication, researchers say today. More

4/10/17 - Progress on bone regeneration therapy
UK scientists are working on a new, more effective method of hard tissue regeneration. More

3/10/17 - Circadian rhythm scientists receive Nobel Prize for Medicine
The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to three American scientists for their work on the 24-hour body clock. More

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