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Pregnancy pain relief guidance published
Thurs Dec 13th - Women who need pain relief during pregnancy and while breast-feeding should rely on paracetamol so far as possible, new guidance says today. More
Hazards of a Swedish Christmas Eve
Thurs Dec 13th - The day most likely to trigger an acute myocardial infarction is Christmas Eve – at least in Sweden – according to a new analysis. More
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UK News


UK News for May 2017

30/6/17 - No idling zones to tackle pollution health problems
Motorists parking outside schools should be required to switch off engines to protect children from the effects of pollution, according to public health guidance published today. More

30/6/17 - Smear test ignorance hampering uptake - study
There is a large amount of ignorance among young women about the smear test, researchers warned today. More

29/6/17 - Backing for aspirin care in pregnancy
A low-dose aspirin at night may help protect pregnant women from pre-eclampsia, according to the findings of a British-led study published last night. More

29/6/17 - IBD gene search gets closer
Significant progress has been made in searching for genes responsible for inflammatory bowel disease, it was announced last night. More

27/6/17 - Magnets used to treat nystagmus
Magnets have been used for the first time to treat a condition nystagmus. More

26/6/17 - ‘Game-changing’ immunotherapy for head and neck cancer patients
The immunotherapy nivolumab is a “game-changing” treatment for people with advanced head and neck cancer, British researchers have reported. More

23/6/17 - Swimming benefits study "ground-breaking"
A senior health educator has been promoting the health benefits of swimming in a ground-breaking new report. More

22/6/17 - Antibodies announced for Alzheimer's disease
Specially-designed antibodies have been created to halt the production of the protein deposits in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease, British researchers announce today. More

22/6/17 - Dragon's Den reopens for cancer research
Cancer researchers are to get a fresh chance to earn up to £20 million worth of funding for cutting-edge projects, it was announced today. More

21/6/17 - Progress on breast and ovarian cancer genes
A major project is helping improve knowledge of the breast and ovarian cancer risks for women with faults in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, British researchers say. More

21/6/17 - Most perinatal deaths preventable - study
More can be done to prevent stillbirths, neonatal deaths and brain injuries during childbirth, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says today. More

21/6/17 - Plan to boost access to animal therapy
A national protocol is being devised for the use of animal therapy in health care, it has been announced. More

20/6/17 - Vaccine may lower cholesterol
A phase one trial has begun on humans to test a cholesterol-lowering vaccine, it was announced today. More

20/6/17 - Trust in pharma falling - experts
Patients increasingly do not trust doctors or medical research to tell them whether a therapeutic drug is worthwhile, according to the findings of a major project published today. More

19/6/17 - Test to enhance PARP treatment for prostate
British researchers have unveiled a blood test that can be used to identify men who are failing to respond to PARP inhibitor treatment for advanced prostate cancer. More

16/6/17 - Gene test for oesophageal cancer drug
Scottish researchers have announced the discovery of a genetic test to identify patients who will benefit from a drug for oesophageal cancer. More

15/6/17 - Clean air problem for London teaching hospitals
Patients visiting many London hospitals will experience illegal levels of air pollution, according to an analysis published today. More

13/6/17 - Genetic testing identifies increased testicular cancer risk
Genetic testing can identify men who are most at risk from developing testicular cancer, researchers reported last night. More

13/6/17 - Protein suppresses breast cancer tumour growth
A protein has been discovered that could suppress the growth of breast tumours, British researchers said last night. More

9/6/17 - Seaweed plan for antimicrobial therapies
Researchers in the UK hope their studies into alginates – a component in seaweed – could help to tackle multi-drug resistant infections. More

8/6/17 - Huntington's blood test revealed
British researchers today announced the discovery of a blood test that can predict the onset of Huntington's disease. More

7/6/17 - Moderate drinking's brain effects
Consuming even a small amount of alcohol may have negative effects on the brain, particularly the hippocampus, British researchers say today. More

7/6/17 - Antibiotics guidance shake-up
A major shake-up of antibiotics classification has been announced in a bid to ensure careful use of the drugs. More

6/6/17 - IL4 may be key to MI recovery for some
Interleukin-4 may help the recovery of some patients after myocardial infarction, a conference will hear today. More

5/6/17 - Doctors advised on Good Samaritan acts
Doctors should ensure their indemnity insurance covers Good Samaritan acts - although they are unlikely to be sued successfully for undertaking them, a European conference has been told. More

2/6/17 - Edinburgh plan for atherothrombosis detection
Scottish researchers have set out to find improved methods to identify and diagnose risk of atherothrombosis. More

2/6/17 - Protein that feeds Zika revealed
The Zika virus has evolved specifically to target neural stem cells, feeding off a specific protein in these cells, British scientists reported last night. More

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