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Pregnancy pain relief guidance published
Thurs Dec 13th - Women who need pain relief during pregnancy and while breast-feeding should rely on paracetamol so far as possible, new guidance says today. More
Hazards of a Swedish Christmas Eve
Thurs Dec 13th - The day most likely to trigger an acute myocardial infarction is Christmas Eve – at least in Sweden – according to a new analysis. More
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UK News


UK News for July 2017

31/8/17 - Mystery of million with herpes in the genome
About a million people in the UK carry a herpes virus in their genomes, according to a new analysis. More

30/8/17 - Gene link to statin pain
People who complain of myalgia caused by statins may be suffering from a genetic problem, British researchers report today. More

29/8/17 - Hyperlipidaemia linked to low breast cancer rates
Women with high cholesterol levels enjoy a high level of protection against breast cancer - possibly because of the treatments they take, a European conference has heard. More

25/8/17 - Artwork technique applied to prostate cancer
An imaging technique developed to research old artworks can be used to monitor the treatment of prostate cancer, British researchers have revealed. More

25/8/17 - Drugs to make exercise healthier?
Drugs could be developed to enhance the health benefits of exercise, British researchers say. More

25/8/17 - Leprosy research breakthrough
British and US researchers have made a breakthrough in the study of leprosy - explaining for the first time how the disease causes its damage, it was announced last night. More

23/8/17 - Substance misuse rising in baby boomers
There is an increase in alcohol and drug misuse among people aged over 50, public health experts warn today. More

22/8/17 - Colleges' pledge on CAMHS
Three medical royal colleges have agreed to work together to press for improved services for children and young people with mental health problems. More

22/8/17 - Stem cell changes that precede lymphoma
Loss of a gene in stem cells may be a key precursor to lymphoma, British researchers reported last night. More

21/8/17 - Light tweak may improve cardiovascular diagnosis
Near-infrared light can be used to identify unstable atherosclerotic plaques, British researchers have reported. More

18/8/17 - Fertility hope for men with extra chromosomes
A new technique has offered hope of helping men with extra chromosomes have healthy children, according to British scientists. More

17/8/17 - Prostate biopsy device close to trial
A Cambridge doctor is close to beginning clinical trials for a "ground-breaking" device he has invented to improve the safety of prostate biopsies. More

16/8/17 - Hope for plant-based polio vaccine
A new vaccine for polio, grown in plants, could be highly effective at helping the eradication of the disease, developers say. More

15/8/17 - Breast metastasis driven by genetic change
Metastatic breast cancer cells break away from the primary tumour at a late stage, according to a genetic study unveiled last night. More

15/8/17 - Colorectal cancer survival improving
Improved treatment and diagnosis has achieved a dramatic drop in mortality rates from colorectal cancer in the last two decades, according to an analysis published today. More

10/8/17 - Hope for diabetes immunotherapy
An immunotherapy treatment may be able to halt the progress of type 1 diabetes, British researchers have reported. More

9/8/17 - New clue to MRSA severity
The chance of survival from MRSA may depend on the genetic information in each strain of the superbug, according to a new analysis. More

8/8/17 - New antibiotic could treat gonorrhoea
A relatively new antibiotic could be used to tackle the increase in incidence of drug-resistant gonorrhoea, British researchers say. More

4/8/17 - Immune hotspot clue to cancer relapse
Immune cell "hotspots" can indicate women facing a high risk of breast cancer relapse after successful treatment, British researchers report today. More

3/8/17 - Mast cell inhibitors for DVT?
Modern anti-allergy treatments may also help prevent deep vein thrombosis, British researchers say today. More

2/8/17 - Painkillers may hide arthritis
Researchers are investigating the possibility that long-term use of painkillers may sometime obscure underlying inflammatory arthritis. More

1/8/17 - Rethink call on statin guidelines
GP leaders today reject an analysis which suggests that all men over the age of 60 should be prescribed statins. More

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