Childbirth & Pregnancy

  • Test-tube baby boom

    More than 10,000 women a year in Britain are now giving birth to "test-tube" babies, according to new figures. Read more

  • Caesarean rates alarm midwives

    Too many women are giving birth by caesarean – and some of these operations may be unnecessary, midwives have warned. Read more

  • Call for neonatal staffing boost

    Experts have called for a new shake-up of the care of premature babies – calling for them to given the same rights as adult patients. Read more

  • Fish boost for babies

    Eating fish during pregnancy boosts a child’s mental power and physical strength, according to a new study. Read more

  • Herb threat to pregnancy

    Most British women who get pregnant use herbal products – taking advice from friends and family – according to an alarming new study. Read more