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Macrophage link to hypertension
Thurs Jan 17th - Macrophages in the immune system may have a key role in hypertension, according to a project in Edinburgh, UK. More
Haemochromatosis gene’s impact on carriers
Thurs Jan 17th - A genetic variant that causes haemochromatosis is more dangerous than previously thought, according to a new UK analysis. More
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UK News

UK News

17/1/19 - Macrophage link to hypertension
Macrophages in the immune system may have a key role in hypertension, according to a project in Edinburgh, UK. More

17/1/19 - Haemochromatosis gene’s impact on carriers
A genetic variant that causes haemochromatosis is more dangerous than previously thought, according to a new UK analysis. More

16/1/19 - Breast cancer risk calculator unveiled
A new method of calculating breast cancer risk is to be available for wide use by primary care practitioners and genetic counsellors, it has been announced. More

15/1/19 - New method to detect breast cancer risk unveiled
A “game-changing” method of calculating a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer is announced today by Cancer Research UK. More

14/1/19 - AI tool developed to identify aggressive ovarian cancer
A new artificial intelligence tool has been devised to scan the shapes of tumour cells and improve diagnosis of aggressive ovarian cancer, it has been announced. More

10/1/19 - Robots aid uterine transplant pregnancy
A woman is pregnant after being the first to receive a new uterus with the aid of robotic technology, it has been announced. More

10/1/19 - HRT tablets highest VTE risk
Women who take hormone replacement therapy in tablet form may face an increased risk of venous thromboembolism, according to a large UK study published today. More

9/1/19 - How social media affects perceived health
Over-use of social media can lead to people believing their health has deteriorated – compared with others, according to a new analysis. More

9/1/19 - Chemical that could boost biomaterials
British scientists have unveiled a new technique aimed at “revolutionising” the use of traditional materials in wound healing and implants. More

8/1/19 - Backing for pre-term family room care
Providing care for pre-term babies in single family rooms improves some outcomes – but there is no evidence yet they improve neurodevelopment, researchers report today. More

8/1/19 - Female heart risk gene pin-pointed
A British-led study has identified the first gene linked to a major cause of acute coronary syndrome in young women, it was announced last night. More

7/1/19 - AF biomarkers could aid screening
Two biomarkers can be used to identify atrial fibrillation in high risk patients, British researchers report today. More

4/1/19 - Obesity is a disease - physicians
Obesity should be recognised as a disease, according to the Royal College of Physicians of London, UK. More

3/1/19 - Cancer breath test project launched
Ambitious plans to develop a single breath test for multiple cancers were announced today. More

3/1/19 - Pregnancy and kit pull men to HIV testing
A pregnant woman may often be the key to persuading a man to take an HIV test, according to the findings of a major study in Africa. More

2/1/19 - National drive to cut sugar intake
A recent study has identified a new link between chemotherapy for breast cancer and the spread of the disease. More

28/12/18 - Dangers of male post-natal blues
Post-natal depression is a serious problem for fathers as well as mothers - and may have long-term implications for families, according to a new UK study. More

28/12/18 - Speeding up scabies elimination
Public health campaigns to eliminate scabies in poor countries could be speeded up by faster diagnosis, British experts have reported. More

27/12/18 - Hope for new lung cancer therapy
UK researchers are investigating the use of drugs commonly used for breast cancer to treat drug-resistant lung cancer. More

21/12/18 - Technology may turn corner on healthy living - CMO
Wearable technology and novel biosensors will make diagnostics a part of daily lives for patients, the Chief Medical Officer says today. More

21/12/18 - Obesity increases X-ray risks
Extremely obese patients face a significantly increased risk of developing cancer from undergoing X-rays, researchers warn today. More

20/12/18 - Warning on cardiovascular winter deaths
Excess winter deaths from cardiovascular diseases have been increasing exponentially in the last few years, researchers report today. More

20/12/18 - Alert on acute flaccid paralysis
An alert has been issued about an increase in cases of acute flaccid paralysis, linked to enterovirus infection. More

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