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Glioblastoma hope from Leeds tests
Thurs Aug 16th - British scientists have identified a promising chemical treatment for aggressive brain tumours, it has been announced. More
Possible liver failure prevention drug unveiled
Thurs Aug 16th - A promising new treatment has been found for sudden liver failure, according to research reported last night. More
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UK News

UK News

16/8/18 - Glioblastoma hope from Leeds tests
British scientists have identified a promising chemical treatment for aggressive brain tumours, it has been announced. More

16/8/18 - Possible liver failure prevention drug unveiled
A promising new treatment has been found for sudden liver failure, according to research reported last night. More

15/8/18 - Stroke death rates on the decline in Europe
Deaths from cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke, have declined significantly in most European countries over the past 37 years, according to new research published today (15 August 2018). More

14/8/18 - E-cigarette 'link to COPD'
E-cigarettes may be more harmful than previously believed, British researchers warn today. More

14/8/18 - AI proves effective at eye diagnosis
Scientists have unveiled an artificial intelligence system that can identify more than 50 eye diseases as accurately as medical experts. More

10/8/18 - Source of common kidney cancers discovered
The cancer cells responsible for the most common childhood and adult kidney cancers have been identified, British researchers announced last night. More

9/8/18 - Call for athlete cardiac screening to be stepped up
The number of young sportspeople at risk from undetected cardiac disease may be much higher than previously thought, according to a major UK study published last night. More

9/8/18 - Cell Atlas will transform research
A major UK project will create an Atlas of human cells, it was announced today. More

8/8/18 - Debate over egg freezing
The UK should be cautious about promoting the benefits of egg freezing as a way for women to retain fertility, experts say today. More

8/8/18 - Large ADHD drug study released
An expert analysis, published today, sets out the optimum medications for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for different age groups. More

7/8/18 - Muscle building critical for kidney care
Large muscles could benefit people with chronic kidney disease, according to a new study. More

6/8/18 - New stem cell trial for Crohn's patients
A new UK trial is to test the use of stem cell transplants to grow new immune systems for people with untreatable Crohn’s disease, was announced today. More

6/8/18 - Call to screen relatives of thoracic aortic disease patients
Routine screening and genetic testing of families of aortic disease patients could save lives, according to new research. More

3/8/18 - 138 million women suffer from recurrent thrush
An estimated 138 million women across the world suffer from recurrent thrush, according to a research review by University of Manchester scientists. More

3/8/18 - Personalised medicine to help type 2 diabetes patients
A precision medicine approach to treating people with type 2 diabetes can help to improve blood sugar levels and avoid damaging side-effects, according to new research. More

3/8/18 - Plan to reboot insulin-producing cells for diabetes type 2
Insulin-producing beta cells must be “rebooted” if people with type 2 diabetes are to go into remission following weight loss, according to a new study out yesterday. More

31/7/18 - Cannabis medicine hope for pancreatic cancer
Researchers have hailed a “remarkable” research finding that could have a significant impact on people being treated for pancreatic cancer. More

30/7/18 - Doctors take a stand on climate change
A major GP organisation is to cease investing in fossil fuel companies because of climate change’s adverse effects on people’s health and wellbeing. More

26/7/18 - Painkiller danger for dementia
Some popular painkillers may exacerbate the symptoms of dementia. More

26/7/18 - Undetectable HIV safe for partner
Effective HIV treatment ensures men are not at risk of passing the infection to partners, according to a new analysis. More

25/7/18 - Sunscreen protection overestimated
People who use sunscreen often receive less protection than they expect, researchers warn today. More

25/7/18 - Food allergy advice released
Allergy experts have released new guidance to help protect high risk infants from developing sensitivity to food. More

24/7/18 - Call for improved European stroke care
Tens of thousands of patients across Europe could benefit from improved stroke care, according to a major survey of facilities across the continent. More

24/7/18 - Step forward for artificial embryo development
British scientists have reported a key step in the development of artificial embryos. More

23/7/18 - Botulinum based drug to “revolutionise” pain relief
A drug that combines botulinum and opioids could “revolutionise” pain management, according to its UK developers. More

23/7/18 - Call for complex regional pain syndrome care improvements
Health services should improve the care and diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome, physicians say today. More

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