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Mitochondria mutations that may combat cancer
Fri April 9th - Mitochondrial DNA mutations found in cancer tumours are linked to improved chances of survival, researchers have found. More
Sun but not vitamin D may reduce COVID risk
Fri April 9th - Exposure to sun may have helped reduce mortality from COVID-19 – but vitamin D is probably not the explanation, according to a new UK study published today. More
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UK News

UK News

9/4/21 - Mitochondria mutations that may combat cancer
Mitochondrial DNA mutations found in cancer tumours are linked to improved chances of survival, researchers have found. More

9/4/21 - Sun but not vitamin D may reduce COVID risk
Exposure to sun may have helped reduce mortality from COVID-19 – but vitamin D is probably not the explanation, according to a new UK study published today. More

8/4/21 - Call to scrap BMI and review obesity strategy
Body Mass Index should no longer be used to measure an individual’s healthy weight and the Obesity Strategy should be reviewed, according to a parliamentary report on body image published today. More

8/4/21 - UK switches vaccine strategy after thrombosis risks assessed
The UK is to offer under 30s alternatives to the Oxford adenoviral COVID-19 vaccine after confirming a small increased risk of serious thrombotic events, it was announced last night. More

7/4/21 - Simple baby monitoring best in childbirth
New methods of monitoring the baby's heartbeat during labour perform no better than simpler methods in terms of ensuring safety, according to a new analysis. More

6/4/21 - Single shot breast cancer treatment approved
The hours that some patients spend receiving breast cancer chemotherapy in hospital is being reduced to five minutes, it has been announced. More

6/4/21 - Perinatal mental health hubs announced
England is to get 26 hubs to provide support for mothers with mental health problems, it has been announced. More

1/4/21 - Hospitalised COVID-19 patients face organ damage risk
People discharged from hospital after being treated for COVID-19 are more likely to suffer from multi-organ dysfunction. More

1/4/21 - Melanoma linked to high testosterone in men
There may be a link between high levels of testosterone in the blood and increased risk of melanoma in men, according to a new analysis. More

31/3/21 - Facemasks must continue after lockdown, urge scientists
The UK should continue to require the use of facemasks after other lockdown restrictions are ended, according to an analysis published today. More

30/3/21 - Asthma attacks reduced in first COVID-19 phase
Fewer than normal patients presented with severe asthma attacks, or were hospitalised with pneumonia, influenza and chronic lung diseases during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to three new studies. More

29/3/21 - Vaccine success evidence as lockdown eased
Vaccination is proving highly effective in preventing deaths and infection in the UK, according to a series of studies released as lockdown restrictions are relaxed in England. More

26/3/21 - Neuron generation linked to gene defect in Parkinson's
New treatments for Parkinson’s disease could be developed after scientists made new discoveries about a faulty gene linked to the disease. More

25/3/21 - UK trial to prevent post-discharge COVID relapse
A clinical trial is being launched in the UK to reduce the number of people who die in the months following a hospital treatment for COVID-19. More

24/3/21 - Simple test for sport-related concussion
Researchers have developed a non-invasive test which accurately diagnoses concussion after brain injury from sport. More

24/3/21 - COVID vaccine approval grows significantly
Confidence in COVID-19 vaccination in the UK has grown substantially this year, according to a new survey. More

23/3/21 - COVID-19 associated with hearing loss
Hearing loss and auditory and vestibular problems have been linked to COVID-19 after-effects, according to a new study. More

19/3/21 - Link between foetal head growth patterns and child development
Foetal head growth patterns can indicate subsequent development of the child, researchers reported last night. More

19/3/21 - COVID-19 vaccines may protect against variants
Existing COVID-19 vaccines are likely to protect against the Brazilian coronavirus variant, scientists at the University of Oxford, UK, have reported. More

19/3/21 - Vaccine linked to rare VTE events - but safe overall, regulators say
Two very rare kinds of venous thromboembolism have affected a small number of people under the age of 50 after COVID-19 vaccination, regulators reported yesterday. More

18/3/21 - 'Turbo-boost' for children's cancer research projects
Five research projects are to be given a total of £4.3 million to help find new treatments for children’s and young people’s cancers, it is announced today. More

17/3/21 - Additional biomarker aids breast cancer testing
Scientists have found that testing for a biomarker of the oestrogen receptor protein helps with prognosis in pre-invasive breast cancer. More

16/3/21 - COVID-19 machine learning models 'unusable'
Machine learning models for diagnosing COVID-19 are not suitable for clinical use because of biases, methodological flaws, lack of reproducibility and “Frankenstein datasets”, researchers warned last night. More

16/3/21 - Formation of deadly brain diseases revealed
Scientists can explain why normal proteins convert to pathogenic form and cause brain diseases, it was announced last night. More

12/3/21 - Most patients fail to control hypertension
Only two out of every five hypertensive patients are able to control the condition with medication – and people who are older, have black ethnicity or are on lower incomes are more likely to fare worse, researchers report today. More

12/3/21 - Targeted prostate cancer screening would prevent deaths
A targeted screening programme for men who are genetically pre-disposed to prostate cancer could prevent one in six deaths from the disease and significantly reduce over-diagnosis, a new UK study has found. More

12/3/21 - Twin peak reached
The number of human twins being born has increased by one third in the last 40 years – the most ever recorded, according to an analysis published today. More

11/3/21 - Placenta is 'dumping ground' for defects
The placenta is a “dumping ground” for genetic defects and resembles a “patchwork of tumours”, according to the first high-resolution survey of the genomic architecture of the human placenta. More

11/3/21 - Global review determines COVID-19 risks to pregnant women
Pregnant women – particularly those from ethnic minority backgrounds – have been at increased risk of severe COVID-19 and more likely to need intensive care or invasive ventilation than non-pregnant women with the virus, researchers report today. More

10/3/21 - No cognitive harm for assisted reproduction babies
Children born small after medically assisted reproduction, and who are small, do not lose cognitive function, researchers report today. More

10/3/21 - Clear link between diabetes and Parkinson's
Researchers have found persuasive evidence that type 2 diabetes may raise the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, and may play a role in its progression. More

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