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Malaria vaccination begins
Wed April 24th - The first ever national malaria vaccine campaign was launched yesterday in the African country of Malawi. More
Hope for repairing foetal membranes
Wed April 24th - New discoveries could enable successful treatment of ruptured foetal membranes, British researchers have reported. More
Gene link to cannabis addiction
Wed April 24th - Genetics plays a role in individual risk of becoming addicted to cannabis, British researchers reported today. More
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UK News

UK News

24/4/19 - Hope for repairing foetal membranes
New discoveries could enable successful treatment of ruptured foetal membranes, British researchers have reported. More

24/4/19 - Gene link to cannabis addiction
Genetics plays a role in individual risk of becoming addicted to cannabis, British researchers reported today. More

23/4/19 - New genetic variants linked to obesity
Scientists working on weight-loss therapies have been investigating receptors on cell surfaces called G protein-coupled receptors. More

23/4/19 - NHS to support neurosurgery for hearing impaired infants
Two centres in England are to be funded to provide auditory brainstem implants, it has been announced. More

18/4/19 - Cure claim for SCID gene therapy
Gene therapy developed for babes with severe combined immunodeficiency may have successfully "cured" all of those who received treatment, doctors claimed last night. More

18/4/19 - Abandoned diabetes drug shows lymphoma promise
A drug abandoned as a treatment for diabetes may protect against the development of T-cell lymphoma, Scottish researchers have reported. More

17/4/19 - Breast cancer relapse test backed
A new blood test could detect breast cancer relapse two years earlier than imaging tests, British researchers have reported. More

17/4/19 - Astronaut experiment for spine health
A space medicine research programme could help develop treatments for spinal postural deconditioning, according to a UK-based team. More

16/4/19 - Diabetes drug protects against kidney disease
A drug developed to help people with diabetes has been found to reduce heart failure, major cardiovascular events and protect against kidney failure. More

16/4/19 - Statins failing half of patients – but do they take them?
Half of patients prescribed statins do not achieve the necessary “healthy” cholesterol levels after two years of treatment, according to a new observational study. More

12/4/19 - Post-operative opioids need better management - experts
Post-operative patients need access to specialist pain clinics to help prevent dependency on opioids, experts say today. More

11/4/19 - Cancer's genetic vulnerabilities revealed
British scientists have found thousands of genes linked to the survival of cancer in the largest research project of its kind, it was announced last night. More

8/4/19 - New guidance on medicinal cannabis
New guidance for doctors will help them distinguish between different kinds of medicinal cannabis and decide which patients will benefit, it has been announced. More

5/4/19 - Alcohol genes point to stroke risk
Light and moderate drinking offers no protection against the risk of having a stroke, according to a pioneering genetic study published today. More

5/4/19 - Alarm at diabetes patients ignorance of risks
Many patients diagnosed with diabetes do not realise there is a strong link to coronary heart disease, campaigners warn today. More

4/4/19 - Is ageism a factor in health?
Ageism may be contributing to declining health in people of late middle age, it was claimed today. More

3/4/19 - Fall in UK cardiovascular deaths
Cardiovascular deaths in the UK have halved in the last 25 years, according to a new analysis. More

3/4/19 - Alarm as amputation rates increase
The number of diabetes-related major lower limb amputations is increasing in England, according to new figures. More

2/4/19 - SHBG hormone levels linked to reduced asthma risk
Increased circulating levels of sex hormone regulator SHBG could be linked to a reduced risk of asthma, particularly in women, a new study has shown. More

2/4/19 - Drugs used to enhance sexual experiences, especially in UK
People in the UK are more likely to combine drugs with sex than those living in other countries, researchers report today. More

29/3/19 - Global study highlights C-section death rates
Death rates from caesarean sections are disproportionately high in low and middle-income countries (LMIC), according to the largest study to date on risks following C-sections, published today. More

28/3/19 - AI to help find cardiac rhythm devices
A new AI system can help identify implanted electronic devices in emergency situations, developers have announced. More

28/3/19 - Painless patient offers genetic clues
A woman who feels no pain is helping researchers pinpoint new genetic information about pain and healing. More

27/3/19 - Prostate cancer protein's "surprising" behaviour
Researchers looking at the behaviour of prostate cancer cells have made a surprising discovery. More

27/3/19 - Risk from promotional food offers
People who take advantage of supermarket special offers on food face increased risk of obesity, researchers warn today. More

26/3/19 - Sedentary lifestyles linked to 70,000 UK deaths a year
Sitting down for large parts of the day is linked to nearly 70,000 deaths every year in the UK, a new observational study has revealed. More

25/3/19 - Success against TB - but resistance still a concern
The number of new TB diagnoses in England has nearly halved this decade – but scientists have warned of the continuing threat from antibiotic resistance. More

25/3/19 - Drug that could tackle bowel cancer drug-resistance
British scientists have identified a third drug that could help tackle resistance to treatment when bowel cancer is treated with the latest therapies, it was announced today. More

22/3/19 - Mixed access to home palliative care - study
Access to palliative care at home for terminally ill patients depends heavily on the diagnosis, researchers say today. More

21/3/19 - Algae treatment to avoid amputation?
A novel treatment based on algae could improve blood flow sufficiently to avoid leg amputations, British researchers have announced. More

20/3/19 - Tuberculosis-linked infection measured
Doctors should look for fungal infections when treating TB, researchers have warned. More

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