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How virus affected breast screening Europe-wide
Thurs October 1st - The pressure on breast screening programmes across many European countries during the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to an increase in deaths from cancer, a conference will hear today. More
Care homes to test anti-inflammatory virus treatment
Thurs October 1st - An anti-tumour necrosis factor drug is to be tested as a community treatment for COVID-19 infection, it has been announced. More
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UK News

UK News

1/10/20 - Care homes to test anti-inflammatory virus treatment
An anti-tumour necrosis factor drug is to be tested as a community treatment for COVID-19 infection, it has been announced. More

30/9/20 - Assessing treatment for older breast cancer patients
Many elderly breast cancer patients should be considered for more intensive treatment than is currently offered, researchers have found. More

30/9/20 - DNA repair drug benefits advanced cancer
A novel treatment for advanced cancer has shown promising results in a recent trial, British researchers have announced. More

29/9/20 - Targeted COVID-19 more effective than random testing
A focused COVID-19 strategy that tests groups that are most at risk of having and passing on the disease should be introduced, scientists have urged. More

25/9/20 - Skin contact affects babies' pain response
Skin to skin contact between a parent and newborn baby reduces the infant’s response to pain, a new study has found. More

25/9/20 - Human heart atlas could guide personalised treatments
A cellular and molecular map of the healthy human heart has been created to help clinicians understand what goes wrong in cardiovascular disease. More

24/9/20 - NHS app launched as infection surge continues
The long-awaited NHS contact tracing app was being launched today in a bid to revive contact tracing and help stem the surge in COVID-19 infections. More

22/9/20 - Embrace medicinal cannabis, say experts
Attitudes towards medicinal cannabis use must change among the medical and pharmaceutical sector in the UK, according to an analysis published today. More

22/9/20 - Combination treatment could attack aggressive prostate cancers
An experimental cancer drug combined with targeted hormone treatment could treat an aggressive group of prostate cancers, a European conference has heard. More

18/9/20 - Public 'need to be reassured about genomic testing'
More work is needed to raise levels of public trust in how genomic data is used, according to the largest undertaken yet about attitudes towards genomic research. More

17/9/20 - Why Dantu blood group protects against malaria
Scientists have uncovered the reason why the rare Dantu blood group helps to protect against malaria. More

17/9/20 - Pandemic left stroke survivors with avoidable disabilities - report
Tens of thousands of stroke survivors have been left with avoidable, unnecessary disability – and exacerbated mental health problems – because of delayed emergency calls and cancelled therapies caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report published today. More

16/9/20 - UK sight charity report urges action
A new report has been released on the personal and economic costs of sight loss in the UK. More

16/9/20 - Joint replacement report shows “continued success”
An annual report has been released showing the outcomes of joint replacement procedures. More

15/9/20 - Molecule might restore brain and spinal cord function
A molecule has been created that might repair and restore brain and spinal cord function in mice with neurological disorders, it has been announced. More

15/9/20 - Pandemic places pressure on addiction services
The pandemic lockdown triggered a huge upsurge in heavy drinking – leaving addiction services ill-equipped to deal with the problems, psychiatrists say today. More

15/9/20 - Contraception cash scheme cut abortions
A scheme that rewarded GPs for promoting long-acting reversible contraception may have helped reduce abortion rates, according to a new study. More

11/9/20 - plasmaMATCH trial success for breast cancer patients
A blood test that can identify a variety of mutations in advanced breast cancer can match women to effective targeted treatments, according to the early results of a major clinical trial. More

11/9/20 - Europe struggles with vaccine doubts
Europe may struggle to get the public to use any approved COVID-19 vaccine, according to an analysis published yesterday. More

10/9/20 - Genetic vulnerability in breast cancer cells discovered
A genetic vulnerability that is present in nearly 10% of all breast cancer tumours has been discovered, scientists have announced. More

9/9/20 - UK alcohol report looks at harm to men
Efforts to reduce alcohol consumption among men need to confront the extent to which it is bound up with male identity in the UK, a report says today. More

8/9/20 - Genotype testing improves paediatric asthma care
Personalising treatments according to genetic differences could help some children with asthma, a medical congress will hear today (8 September 2020). More

7/9/20 - Link found between genes and penicillin allergy
A link between genes and penicillin allergy has been discovered by an international team of scientists. More

7/9/20 - Vaccines may not be silver bullet
Experts have warned against excessive optimism over COVID-19 vaccines – with one senior scientist warning they would not be a “silver bullet.” More

3/9/20 - Immunotherapy hope for aggressive pancreatic cancer
An aggressive form of pancreatic cancer could respond to immunotherapy, according to a study published today. More

2/9/20 - COVID-19 risk in pregnancy analysed
Pregnant women with COVID-19 infection were less likely than other seriously ill patients to present with fever, according to a major new analysis published today. More

1/9/20 - Cholesterol drug combinations best to reduce cardiovascular risk
People who have the highest risk of cardiovascular problems could benefit being prescribed lipid-lowering therapies, a major conference – held on-line – has heard. More

1/9/20 - Free soup and shakes in drive to cut diabetes rates
A national drive to reduce type 2 diabetes rates was being launched in England today with a programme of free “soups and shakes.” More

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