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Eve, toothpaste and malaria drugs
Fri January 19th - An artificially intelligent robot has helped to discover that an ingredient in toothpaste could be used as an anti-malarial drug, British researchers have reported. More
Robot could be used to treat birth defect
Fri January 19th - A robot has been developed that can help to treat babies with oesophageal atresia, it has been announced. More
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UK News

UK News

19/1/18 - Eve, toothpaste and malaria drugs
An artificially intelligent robot has helped to discover that an ingredient in toothpaste could be used as an anti-malarial drug, British researchers have reported. More

19/1/18 - Robot could be used to treat birth defect
A robot has been developed that can help to treat babies with oesophageal atresia, it has been announced. More

18/1/18 - Analysis backs cancer gene screening for all women
All women should be screened for genes for breast and ovarian cancers, according to an analysis published today. More

18/1/18 - Cardiovascular care follow-up concerns
European countries are “losing” many patients with chronic cardiovascular disease unnecessarily, according to a major analysis published today. More

17/1/18 - Gestational diabetes link to future risk
Having gestational diabetes may be linked to increased risk of future cardiovascular disease, new research is showing. More

17/1/18 - MPs condemn “cruel, unfair” home nursing funds system
Some terminally ill patients have faced waits of more than three months in parts of England to discover if they qualify for NHS-funded nursing care, MPs warn today. More

16/1/18 - Surgeon reports hazards of not sneezing
Holding back a sneeze may seem the polite thing to do during the flu season – but it can carry its own dangers, a surgeon warned today. More

16/1/18 - TV addiction plus adverts triggers junk food habits
Teenagers who watch hours of commercial television - with advertising breaks - tend to snack on large amounts of junk food and drink, according to a major UK analysis today. More

15/1/18 - Drug-resistant bacteria risk for surfers
Surfers and others who spend hours in the sea risk significant exposure to antibiotic resistant E.coli, a medical school in Devon, UK, has found. More

15/1/18 - Reminders boost bowel screening trials
Reminder letters and a leaflet of explanation have achieved a significant improvement in the uptake of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening in England, researchers report today. More

12/1/18 - Impact of BRCA on early breast cancer studied
Young women who are treated for early breast cancer do not face any immediate increased risk if they carry BRCA mutations, British researchers say today. More

11/1/18 - Risky fat linked to sedentary time
New links have been found between long periods of sedentary time and fat deposited specifically around internal organs. More

9/1/18 - Five new genetic diseases identified
Five new genetic diseases have been identified, paving the way for potential new treatments, it was announced last night. More

9/1/18 - Baby ban on eggs and peanuts until six months
Babies should not be fed hen’s eggs or peanuts between four and six months of age, a UK government body review has concluded. More

5/1/18 - Resolutions may trigger risk-reducing behaviour change - study
Sticking to New Year resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle helps individuals reduce the risk of developing cancer, according to Welsh researchers. More

4/1/18 - How alcohol damages DNA
Researchers have discovered some of the exact ways that alcohol causes genetic damage that may trigger the development of cancer. More

4/1/18 - Virus helps to tackle brain tumours
British scientists have successfully identified a virus that trigger a form of immunotherapy for brain cancer, it was announced last night. More

3/1/18 - Medical tales of common home products
Misuse of household products and home remedies – and the occasional cure – have fuelled thousands of medical reports in the last ten years. More

2/1/18 - Use home-made popcorn, not crisps – parents advised
Public health experts today launch a bid to change the way children snack – in a move that would see the end of ice-creams and packets of crisps. More

2/1/18 - New diabetes Alzheimer drug link
A “triple” drug recently developed for diabetes may prove a powerful treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, British scientists have reported. More

29/12/17 - Flu surge – but not an epidemic
British GPs reported a sharp increase in patients seeking treatment for flu-like symptoms last week, according to figures released yesterday. More

29/12/17 - Web before GP, college says
People who think they need to see a GP should check on the internet first, the Royal College of GPs says. More

28/12/17 - Internet clinic boosts STI testing
An internet-based testing system for sexually transmitted infections can hugely increase uptake of services, British researchers have reported. More

27/12/17 - UK boost to global vaccination
A new UK-led research initiative aims to increase the supply of critical effective vaccines, it was announced today. More

22/12/17 - Brain function improves when adults with dementia exercise
When older people with dementia increase their physical exercise, their brain function improves, a new study has found. More

21/12/17 - Liver diagnosis guidance published
New guidelines aim to improve the diagnosis of liver disease, developers say. More

21/12/17 - Anger as MS drugs withdrawn
Just one beta interferon drug is to be available for the care of NHS patients with multiple sclerosis in England, it was announced today. More

20/12/17 - Caesarean blood cell salvage questioned
Cell salvage during caesarean section may not lead to significant reduction in the use of donor blood transfusions, researchers have found. More

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