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Early TB gene test developed
Fri June 22nd - An international research team has found a potential test to predict active tuberculosis in advance of symptoms developing. More
Hope for treatment of adenocarcinoma of the lung
Fri June 22nd - Scientists have reported promising results from an established anti-cancer drug for adenocarcinoma of the lung with a specific mutant gene. More
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UK News

UK News

22/6/18 - Hope for treatment of adenocarcinoma of the lung
Scientists have reported promising results from an established anti-cancer drug for adenocarcinoma of the lung with a specific mutant gene. More

21/6/18 - MMR warning for student Euro-trips
Students planning European tours have been advised to ensure their MMR vaccination is up to date. More

21/6/18 - Cancer suicide link warning
Mental health is a crucial issue for patients diagnosed with the least treatable forms of cancer, a conference has heard. More

20/6/18 - Concerns about over-70s breast cancer treatment
Women over the age of 70 may be under-treated for breast cancer, according to the findings of a major UK audit. More

19/6/18 - Infant tumour study pinpoints genes
A genetic study of soft tissue tumours that affect infants has pointed to several drugs that could improve treatment, researchers said last night. More

18/6/18 - Hay fever hits record levels
GPs have confirmed that seasonal allergic rhinitis has reached record levels this month. More

15/6/18 - Bran test clue to cutting medical costs
Patients were being encouraged today by senior doctors to take a “Bran test” when seeking medical treatment. More

15/6/18 - Twin survival improves
The UK has made significant and speedy progress in improving the survival of twins at birth, according to a major annual analysis published today. More

12/6/18 - DNA test to identify prostate cancer risk
A new DNA test can identify 63 genetic variations linked to increased risk of prostate cancer, a major international study reported last night. More

8/6/18 - E-cig users should use high nicotine versions
Former smokers who turn to vaping and e-cigarettes seem to fare better by choosing devices with high nicotine levels, rather than low, British researchers say today. More

7/6/18 - Dismay as prostate drug remains restricted
Specialists have reacted in dismay after the use of the prostate cancer drug abiraterone remained restricted in England. More

6/6/18 - How job stress threatens health
Men with cardiometabolic disease are at a raised risk of death if they experience job strain, researchers warn today. More

6/6/18 - New approach to treatment-resistant cancer cells
A new method of altering treatment-resistant cancer cells could make them responsive again, researchers have reported. More

6/6/18 - Winter risk from major cardiovascular events
Pressure on services and viruses may significantly increase the risk to patients experiencing major cardiovascular events in the winter, researchers warn today. More

5/6/18 - Uterine transplant problems catalogued
Uterus transplantation has been successful in some cases – but comes with major difficulties and side-effects, according to an analysis published today. More

4/6/18 - Disgust could be public health tool
Humans have six common types of disgust – and these help to identify and avoid disease, according to a new analysis. More

1/6/18 - Green tea molecule could prevent heart attacks
A compound in green tea could be used to help prevent deaths from heart attacks and strokes caused by atherosclerosis, researchers reported today. More

1/6/18 - Antifungal drug could halt dormant bowel cancer cells
A treatment used for toenail problems could be used to help eliminate dormant cells within bowel tumours, new research has unveiled. More

29/5/18 - Gene increases alcohol cardiomyopathy risk
A gene variant linked to heart failure may amplify the risks from alcohol drinking, British researchers have reported. More

23/5/18 - Stroke trial tests dementia prevention
Early results are being unveiled today from a clinical trial examining whether low-cost well-tested drugs can help prevent cognitive decline and dementia following a stroke. More

23/5/18 - Immune insight into Parkinson's
Scientists have discovered a possible new link between bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and Parkinson's disease. More

22/5/18 - Genetic variants that could predict glaucoma risk
More than 100 genetic variants have been identified that could help to predict the risk of developing glaucoma, a joint UK-US study has revealed. More

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