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Australia reports on PrEP success
Wed Oct 18th - Rapid and high coverage roll-out of PrEP programme can have a dramatic impact on the spread of HIV, Australian researchers report today. More
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UK News

UK News

17/10/18 - Future global health predicted
Several countries could experience lower life expectancy in 2040 than today, according to a new global analysis published today. More

17/10/18 - DNA errors studied in dementia
Researchers have shown how DNA errors contribute to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. More

15/10/18 - Paediatricians warn on child health trends
Child health in England is falling behind other developed countries, paediatricians warn today. More

11/10/18 - Education key to tackling obesity - physicians
The government needs to put investment into schools to tackle the obesity epidemic, senior physicians say today. More

10/10/18 - Court approves CJD fast-track treatment
A patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is to be the first to receive a new antibody treatment after winning court approval to circumvent drug approval laws. More

10/10/18 - Maternal mental health problems "concealed"
Many mothers of young babies do not feel able to fully express their mental health struggles, campaigners warn today. More

9/10/18 - Cheap DNA test to predict cardiovascular risk?
A cheap, one-off DNA test early in life could predict if someone had a high risk of a heart attack, according to new international research published last night. More

9/10/18 - No evidence statins work on non-cardiovascular conditions
There is not enough evidence to suggest statins, used to treat heart disease, could be beneficial for other conditions, according to a new analysis. More

9/10/18 - NICE issues draft guideline on prolapse
Women should be offered non-surgical options for stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse before any they undergo any operations, according to guidelines published today. More

5/10/18 - 'Old' antibiotic could treat melanoma
An old antibiotic could help to treat melanoma, British researchers have reported. More

5/10/18 - Diabetes type 1 missed among over 30s - conference
Many people diagnosed with type two diabetes after the age of 30 have undiagnosed type 1 disease, delaying appropriate treatment, a European conference has heard. More

4/10/18 - A Nobel and other honours for UK researchers
Leading UK medical researchers have been gaining honours throughout Europe following this week’s Nobel Prize award. More

3/10/18 - Antidepressant withdrawal underestimated
Millions of antidepressant users in the UK are potentially affected by withdrawal symptoms. More

2/10/18 - Conference hears how weight loss "cures" type 2 diabetes
British researchers say they have explained how weight loss can put type 2 diabetes into remission. More

2/10/18 - Nobel prize for immunotherapy pioneers
Two veteran immunologists who opened the way to immunotherapy treatment of cancer have been honoured with the Nobel Prize. More

26/9/18 - New vaccine approach to tropical disease prevention
Clinical trials are about to start on a new generation of vaccines for tropical diseases caused by RNA viruses, British researchers have reported. More

25/9/18 - Glasgow unveils tricorder project
British researchers claim to have made significant steps towards developing Star Trek-style tricorders for doctors. More

25/9/18 - Hope for mitochondria disease gene therapy
British researchers have developed a gene therapy which shows promise for treating patients with mitochondrial disease, it was announced last night. More

24/9/18 - Obesity cancer threat to female health
Obesity will become the main cause of cancer in women by the middle of the century, campaigners warned today. More

21/9/18 - Global premature death targets missed
Most of the world's nations – including the UK, USA and China – are likely to fall short of the United Nations target for reducing the number of premature deaths from non-communicable diseases (NCDs), according to a report out today. More

21/9/18 - Genetic mutation link to dangerous fungal spores risk
A genetic mutation in humans has been discovered that is linked to a 17-fold increase in the number of dangerous fungal spores in the lungs. More

20/9/18 - Improvement found to lupus testing
Researchers have identified two new variants of lupus, from tests on patients in Africa. More

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