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Harm concerns linked to youth epilepsy treatment
Thurs June 13th - Treatment guidelines for young people with epilepsy could be reviewed after a Swedish study found a group of drugs is linked to an increased risk of suicidal behaviour. More
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UK News

UK News

12/6/19 - Patients should see scans routinely - conference
It should become routine practice for patients to see their medical scans, a conference will hear today. More

12/6/19 - Smartphone pain therapy trials to begin
British scientists have developed a phone app to help people suffering from chronic pain, it was announced today. More

11/6/19 - Study identifies BME women's low cancer screening rates
The NHS needs to tailor its messages more effectively to encourage more women from black and minority backgrounds to have cancer screening, a scientific review has claimed. More

11/6/19 - Gene study closes in on pneumonia vaccine resistance
A major genetic research project has identified 621 strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae, it was announced last night. More

10/6/19 - Brain pressure research could help mission to Mars
Researchers at the University of Birmingham who are behind a drug to reduce brain pressure could help the next generation of astronauts in their mission to Mars. More

6/6/19 - Sixth finger should be retained - study
The practice of removing extra toes and fingers from polydactylic babies should be reconsidered in the light of new findings about them, British researchers say today. More

5/6/19 - Heart risk from pregnancy hypertension
Women diagnosed as hypertensive during pregnancy face a significantly increased risk of going on to develop cardiovascular disease, a conference has heard. More

5/6/19 - UK cardiovascular mortality rates falling
Deaths from heart disease in the UK are falling, according to analysis of the latest World Health Organisation figures. More

4/6/19 - Immunotherapy hope for head and neck cancer
An immunotherapy has proved better than aggressive chemotherapy in the treatment of recurrent head and neck cancer, a conference will hear today. More

4/6/19 - Muscle patch plan for damaged hearts
British scientists have developed muscle "patches" that could be sewn onto the damaged hearts of patients who have suffered cardiac damage, a conference is to be told today. More

3/6/19 - Doctors urged to heed internet ratings
Barely a quarter of doctors take an interest in feedback on rating sites on the internet, researchers report today. More

3/6/19 - Storage plan for 50k genomes
A £5 million project will see genetic data of more than 50,000 volunteers made available to researchers, it has been announced. More

30/5/19 - Chaos study identifies pregnancy alcohol damage
Any consumption of alcohol in pregnancy is not safe because of changes it can cause to the brain, according to Scottish researchers. More

30/5/19 - Arthritis breakthrough centres on fibroblasts
The two most common forms of arthritis are linked to two different kinds of fibroblast, British researchers reported last night. More

29/5/19 - Progress on compound against superbugs
British scientists say they have found a new molecular compound that works against multidrug resistant bacteria such as E. coli. More

29/5/19 - Gender response to chemotherapy investigated
Women given chemotherapy for oesophagogastric cancer had better survival than men – but experienced worse side effects, a UK-based research project has found. More

28/5/19 - Antibiotic levels too high in rivers
The world's major rivers are awash with excessively high levels of antibiotics, British researchers have warned. More

28/5/19 - Gene study offers new Strep A vaccine hope
A major genetic analysis may have pin-pointed targets for vaccines against Group A streptococcus, it was announced last night. More

24/5/19 - Halve snakebite injuries - WHO
A plan to halve the number of those suffering serious effects from snakebites has been unveiled. More

23/5/19 - Warning on growing palliative care needs
The number of people needing palliative care globally is set to double in the next 40 years, according to a new projection. More

23/5/19 - Red wine compound investigated for hypertension care
A compound produced by fruits in response to injury or attack could hold the key for to new treatments for hypertension, researchers report today. More

22/5/19 - How women suffer from gender differences in heart care
Two studies, published today, show how women receive inferior care for different aspects of heart disease. More

22/5/19 - Xenon gas may prevent brain damage
The anaesthetic drug xenon has been found in laboratory tests to protect brain tissue when given shortly after a traumatic brain injury, British researchers have reported. More

22/5/19 - New gene test for bowel cancer subtype
A test has been unveiled that enables clinicians making a diagnosis of bowel cancer to identify which of five sub-types is involved. More

21/5/19 - Technique uncovers signs of potentially fatal cardiac arrest
A brain imaging technique has been used for the first time to help identify the signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a UK study revealed last night. More

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