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Handgrip test for lung cancer survival chances
Fri April 20th - Testing handgrip strength can help predict the survival chances of patients with non-small cell lung cancer, a conference will hear this weekend. More
NHS genomics project “at risk” - MPs
Fri April 20th - Ambitious plans to make the NHS a world leader in genomics are at risk, MPs warn today. More
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UK News

UK News

20/4/18 - NHS genomics project “at risk” - MPs
Ambitious plans to make the NHS a world leader in genomics are at risk, MPs warn today. More

19/4/18 - World medicine lacks knowledge on multi-morbidity - experts
Treatment of people with multiple health conditions is often ineffective and strategies for prevention “lacking”, medical scientists warn today. More

17/4/18 - How lifestyle and diet is important pre-conception
The diet and lifestyle of parents plays a major role in the growth, development and health of a child before conception, experts say today. More

17/4/18 - New drug targets for prostate cancer
Landmark research into prostate cancer has revealed 80 molecular ‘weaknesses’ that could be targeted by drugs, it was announced last night.More

13/4/18 - Mortality risks of night life assessed
People who thrive at night have a 10% higher risk of dying prematurely than those flourish in the mornings, according to a new analysis. More

13/4/18 - Drinking more alcohol than guidelines risks life expectancy
Drinking more alcohol than the recommended UK guidelines could reduce life expectancy by up to five years, according to a new analysis. More

11/4/18 - New drug class unveiled at Imperial
British researchers have announced the development of a new class of drug developed to treat drug-resistant tumours. More

11/4/18 - New growth hormone deficiency test
Researchers in Manchester are hoping to develop an improved test for growth hormone deficiency in children using machine learning and DNA analysis. More

10/4/18 - How important is weight loss as cancer indicator?
Unexplained weight loss is a hugely significant predictor of cancer risk, researchers say today. More

9/4/18 - Call for improved prostate testing as cancer cases missed
Urgent action is needed to find an effective way of screening for prostate cancer, campaigners and specialists say today. More

6/4/18 - Study backs single stage treatment for peri-prosthetic hip infection
A one-stage procedure may be the best way to treat an infected hip replacement, according to a new analysis. More

5/4/18 - Call for taxes against chronic disease
Taxes on soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco are a key factor in tackling chronic diseases, according to a major global analysis published last night. More

4/4/18 - Patient gets printed rib
For the first time in the UK, a “printed” prosthetic rib has been transplanted into a patient during surgery, it has been announced. More

3/4/18 - Balloon pulmonary angioplasty backed at Papworth
Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire, UK, will be funded to undertake balloon pulmonary angioplasty for patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension, it has been announced. More

29/3/18 - Muscle mutation linked to SIDS
A rare genetic mutation affecting the muscles controlling the lungs may be responsible for some cases of sudden infant death syndrome, researchers report today. More

29/3/18 - Dilated cardiomyopathy investigated
A new study has been launched to investigate the interaction between genes and lifestyle factors in the development of dilated cardiomyopathy. More

28/3/18 - Mixed-drug approach to malaria
A drug used to treat parasitic diseases is also effective at controlling mosquitoes, British researchers report today. More

28/3/18 - Advanced MRI could aid Alzheimer's screening
Screening for the early signs of Alzheimer's disease could be improved by measuring the activity of dopamine-firing cells the brain, according to British experts. More

28/3/18 - Childhood arthritis study launched
British researchers have announced a major research project aimed at finding biomarkers that could help indicate the best treatment approach for children with arthritis. More

27/3/18 - Call for improved hep B diagnosis and care
Some 90% of people with hepatitis B infection remain undiagnosed, experts say today. More

27/3/18 - RA drug reduces inflammation in stroke patients
People in the early stages of a stroke have benefitted from an anti-inflammatory drug normally used for rheumatoid arthritis, a new research has found. More

26/3/18 - Appointments missed when clocks change
The number of missed hospital outpatient appointments is set to rise this week because of the weekend switch to British Summer Time, according to a new analysis. More

23/3/18 - Drug reduces progression in secondary progressive MS
The progression of disability in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis can be slowed down with a new drug, researchers report today. More

23/3/18 - Targeted drugs beneficial to HER2 positive patients
Women with HER2 positive breast cancer could avoid having extensive surgery involving mastectomy and removal of several lymph nodes by receiving targeted drugs before surgery, leading oncologists have heard. More

22/3/18 - Link between respiratory infection and CV incidents measured
A serious respiratory infection is linked to a six times increased risk of a cardiovascular incident, according to the findings of a major UK study. More

22/3/18 - Back pain over-treated - experts
Too many patients get the wrong care – and are over-treated – for low back pain, experts say today. More

22/3/18 - Concern as breast tumour detection progress stalls
Progress in detecting breast tumours at an early stage may have stalled this century, a European conference will hear today. More

21/3/18 - Sexist alcohol culture challenged
Social attitudes to women drinking are unacceptable and creating an unsafe culture, Scottish doctors say today. More

21/3/18 - Child obesity trends show need for action
Child obesity is now as much a poverty related problem in the UK as under-nutrition, researchers say today. More

20/3/18 - Osteoarthritis genes revealed
British researchers have identified nine new genes implicated in osteoarthritis, it was announced last night. More

20/3/18 - Complementary GPs reduce antibiotic use
GPs who have training in complementary therapies enjoy some success in limiting use of antibiotics, according to an analysis published today. More

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