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Genes and apps could limit health check invites
Fri August 16th - The NHS could seek to cut the cost of screening middle-aged adults by using apps and AI, it was announced today. More
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UK News

UK News

16/8/19 - Genes and apps could limit health check invites
The NHS could seek to cut the cost of screening middle-aged adults by using apps and AI, it was announced today. More

15/8/19 - Call for sugar-free schools
All schools should be sugar-free to prevent rising rates of serous tooth decay, surgeons say today. More

15/8/19 - Lyme disease "too often" presents as emergency
Too many patients with Lyme disease are being diagnosed and treated through emergency hospital admission, researchers warned today. More

14/8/19 - 'Ageing' gene mutation found
A newly-discovered gene mutation appears to be linked to accelerated ageing on the molecular level, British researchers have announced. More

13/8/19 - C.difficile becoming two species
Clostridium difficile is evolving into two distinct species – and one is "highly adapted" to spreading in hospitals, researchers warn today. More

9/8/19 - Cannabis products too expensive - NICE
Medicinal cannabis products are being sold at excessive prices outweighing potential benefits for patients, regulators have said. More

8/8/19 - Breast cancer therapy blood test
Scientists have developed a new monitoring test for patients with early stage breast cancer, it was announced last night. More

7/8/19 - Hormone combination offers weight loss hope
A hormone treatment could be as effective as gastric bypass surgery in achieving weight loss, British researchers have reported. More

6/8/19 - Sheffield search for Parkinson treatment
British researchers have embarked on a major project to find a new treatment to prevent the brain damage linked to Parkinson's disease. More

5/8/19 - Reduced dementia risk among socially active people
People in their 50s and 60s may reduce their risk of developing dementia by being socially active, according to a UK study. More

5/8/19 - AI reveals five new breast cancer types
Artificial Intelligence has been used to recognise patterns in breast cancer, leading to the discovery of five new types of the disease that can be matched to personalised treatments, British researchers say. More

2/8/19 - Dark chocolate 'may relieve depression'
Eating dark chocolate may relieve depressive symptoms, according to the first study of its kind that examines the association with depression according to the type of chocolate consumed. More

1/8/19 - Garden plant may contain leukaemia treatment
British researchers have successfully adapted a common herbal treatment to create a potentially powerful new treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, it has been announced. More

31/7/19 - Lyme disease more common than believed
The number of cases of tick-borne Lyme disease in the UK have been significantly underestimated, according to an analysis published today. More

30/7/19 - Drug-resistance study highlights infection control role
Infection control in hospitals may be the key to stopping the spread of antibiotic resistant strains of Klebsiella pneumonia, researchers said last night. More

30/7/19 - Londoners blowing bubbles for cancer research
A technology that uses microscopic bubbles to destroy cancer cells is being explored in a major new multi-disciplinary research centre in London. More

29/7/19 - High energy electron plan for radiotherapy
British researchers believe that laser-produced high energy electron accelerators may offer an improved form of radiotherapy treatment for cancer. More

26/7/19 - Retraction problem for genetics
Published studies in genetics are significantly more likely to be flawed than other scientific publications, according to an analysis published today. More

25/7/19 - Scientists set sights on embryo development secrets
A £10 million UK-based research project plans to unlock the secrets of the development of human embryos. More

24/7/19 - Success for African post-partum contraception programme
A royal college initiative to provide post-partum family planning services to women in two African countries has proved successful, according to an analysis published today. More

23/7/19 - Drug resistant malaria spreads in Asia
Drug-resistant malaria is spreading rapidly across south-east Asia, researchers warn today. More

23/7/19 - DNA test plan to improve prostate targeted nuclear medicine
DNA testing could help identify me who will benefit from targeted nuclear medicine for the treatment of prostate cancer, researchers report today. More

22/7/19 - Health a global problem - CMO
Diseases increasingly fail to respect international borders - making global cooperation in health vital, the Chief Medical Officer of England says today. More

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