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SARS drug ready for clinical trial
Fri April 3rd - A drug developed to treat lung disease has shown early promise against the Covid-19 virus, researchers reported last night. More
'Promising' COVID-19 vaccine revealed
Fri April 3rd - A potential vaccine for COVID-19 has been described for the first time after promising mice studies, US scientists have revealed today (2 April 2020). More
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UK News

UK News

3/4/20 - SARS drug ready for clinical trial
A drug developed to treat lung disease has shown early promise against the Covid-19 virus, researchers reported last night. More

2/4/20 - Covid-19 deaths in Italy 'until June'
The number of daily Covid-19 deaths in Italian hospitals continues to accelerate at the maximum rate – and significant numbers of deaths could be recorded until early June, according to a new analysis. More

2/4/20 - Treatment hope for babies with high-grade glioma
Targeted drugs could be used to treat some infants with high-grade glioma, according to the biggest study to date on the aggressive brain tumour. More

31/3/20 - Out-patient procedure improves condition of type 2 diabetes patients
A novel out-patient procedure helped to improve blood glucose levels, liver insulin sensitivity, and other metabolic measures in people with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, researchers reported last night. More

31/3/20 - Analysis points to drugs to aid Covid-19 care
There is no evidence contraindicating NSAIDs for the care of patients with Covid-19 infection, according to UK researchers. More

26/3/20 - Concern over 'exaggerated' AI studies
Millions of patients could be at risk because of “poor quality” and “exaggerated” studies that claim artificial intelligence (AI) is as good as – or better than – human experts at interpreting medical images, according to an analysis published today. More

25/3/20 - Global advice on surgery infections
New guidelines, published today, set out how surgeons in low-income countries can reduce the risk of surgical site infection. More

24/3/20 - Italy informs detailed new guidance on critical care
Italian specialists have helped draw up new guidance on the care of critically ill patients with Covid-19 infection. More

24/3/20 - Millions pour into Covid-19 research
The UK poured £10 million into key Covid-19 research projects yesterday, backing the search for a vaccine and ready-to-use drugs. More

23/3/20 - UK needs tougher action to prevent deaths - UCL experts
A letter being dispatched to one and a half million people will only reach a fraction of those at significant risk from Covid-19, according to an expert analysis today. More

23/3/20 - NICE seeks to aid Covid-19 decision making
New national guidance, issued over the weekend, has sought to help clinicians facing difficult decisions on admitting Covid-19 patients to critical care facilities. More

20/3/20 - Major gene study offers new insights into human diversity
British scientists have unveiled the most "detailed representation to date" of the diversity of the human genome. More

19/3/20 - Scepticism about Covid-19 vaccine speed
Analysts have warned that a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus could be a year away, in spite of the first vaccine going for phase 1 testing. More

19/3/20 - Open surgery for AAA, NICE concludes
Unruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms should usually be treated with open surgery rather than endovascular repair, according to the latest version of controversial guidelines published today. More

18/3/20 - Virus survives for days on plastic
The Covid-19 virus can last for days on many surfaces, according to a new analysis helping to explain its high infectivity. More

18/3/20 - E-cigarettes mostly not gateway to smoking
Teens who use e-cigarettes are not significantly likely to go on and smoke standard cigarettes, according to a new study. More

17/3/20 - Two types of type 1 diabetes
Children under the age of seven who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have a different type from those diagnosed at aged 13, researchers reported last night. More

16/3/20 - Research launched into diabetes and pancreatic cancer link
Two new research projects will examine the link between diabetes and pancreatic cancer, it has been announced. More

16/3/20 - Hancock denies herd immunity strategy
UK health secretary Matt Hancock has denied the government is pursuing a strategy of developing "herd immunity" amid growing criticism of its approach. More

13/3/20 - Registrar turns to research over pregnancy cancer
A Sheffield doctor is searching for new tests and treatments for a rare cancer that can affect pregnant women. More

13/3/20 - Glaucoma gene therapy shows lab promise
Promising gene editing techniques have been used to treat glaucoma in the lab, it has been announced. More

12/3/20 - New migraine treatment gains backing
Up to 10,000 people in England could be offered a new anti-migraine self-injected drug, it was announced today. More

11/3/20 - Support needed for parents of children with learning disabilities
New research has highlighted the mental health struggles of some parents of children with learning disabilities. More

10/3/20 - Simple test identifies prostate cancer 'fingerprint'
A simple blood test can identify the ‘fingerprint’ of prostate cancer, which could transform the way doctors monitor tumour behaviour, it was announced last night. More

9/3/20 - Award to research raised brain pressure
The University of Birmingham’s Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research has been awarded £1.68m for a five-year research programme into intracranial hypertension and to develop a treatment for a rare condition that can lead to blindness, it has been announced. More

9/3/20 - Public key to containing virus - academics
Public reaction to the threat of Covid-19 will be as important as government measures, according to an analysis by UK academics. More

6/3/20 - Students on standby to assist in virus epidemic
The UK could turn to medical students to help manage the spreading Covid-19 outbreak, MPs heard yesterday as the country recorded its first death. More

6/3/20 - Alarm as abortion rates surge
Nearly one in four pregnancies now ends in abortion, according to figures published yesterday. More

6/3/20 - Chemotherapy after surgery halves risk of kidney cancer relapse
Chemotherapy halves the risk of a rare form of kidney cancer returning following surgery, according to the findings of a major trial reported today. More

5/3/20 - No link to moderate egg intake and CVD
Moderate egg intake is not associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, while taking fish oil supplements is linked to a lower risk of heart disease, according to two studies published today. More

5/3/20 - Study reveals melanoma risk for bereaved individuals
People who lose their partner are less likely to be diagnosed with melanoma - but have an increased risk of dying from the disease, according to UK/Danish research. More

4/3/20 - End stigma call on World Obesity Day
The world needs a consensus statement to prevent weight-based discrimination, medical and scientific organisations say today. More

3/3/20 - Anti-scar drug could boost cancer therapy
A drug developed to treat scarring could play a key role in improving the effectiveness of immunotherapy against solid tumours, British researchers reported last night. More

2/3/20 - Antibiotics linked to hospital admissions
High levels of antibiotic prescription are linked to increased risk of hospital admission, according to a UK analysis published today. More

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