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Coffee compounds could inhibit prostate cancer - lab study
Mon March 18th - Compounds found in coffee could inhibit prostate cancer, a European conference is to hear today. More
Atrial fibrillation sub-types defined
Mon March 18th - Individualised treatment for people with atrial fibrillation is a step closer, thanks to the discovery of subtypes of the heart disorder, a conference has heard. More
Painkillers in pregnancy not cause of asthma
Mon March 18th - Taking paracetamol or other painkillers during pregnancy does not cause asthma in the offspring – but may indicate other factors increasing the risk, according to a large-scale study out today. More
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Traveller Health

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24/06/2014 - Life-jacket call for hobby sailors
People who like messing around in boats should be required to wear life-jackets, according to Australian experts. More

27/05/2014 - Travel now main measles threat
Britain's measles outbreak has largely faded away - but cases of infection from overseas continue to pose a threat, public health officials have warned. More

31/03/2014 - Altitude sickness becomes two diseases
Mountaineers often contract altitude sickness - but a new study suggests there are two separate illnesses that afflict them. More

14/02/2014 - Boris Bikes boost for health
The introduction of so-called Boris Bikes into London has mostly had positive effects on health, researchers say today. More

07/02/2014 - Texting while driving 'must stop'
Texting on mobile phones may be responsible for a growing number of accidents, doctors have warned. More

13/12/2013 - Mountain sickness test revealed
Doctors have developed the first test to identify people at risk from acute mountain sickness, a European conference heard yesterday. More

11/10/2013 - Pilgrims warned on Middle East virus risk
Devout Muslims have been urged to set aside long-held ambitions to visit Mecca this autumn if they are not in full health. More

20/08/2013 - Brain threat to high-fliers
High-flying pilots may face a threat to their brains, researchers warn today. More

06/08/2013 - How car commuting jeopardises health
People who take the car to work tend to be less healthy than those who find other ways to travel, according to a major British study published today. More

10/07/2013 - Air pollution bad news for heart patients
Air pollution is bad news for people with heart failure, researchers warn today. More

22/05/2013 - Flying during pregnancy 'usually safe'
Air travel is safe for pregnant women, even in late pregnancy, experts say today. More

06/02/2013 - Turtle disease warning
Travellers have been warned to stay away from sea turtles because they may harbour a series of deadly diseases. More

01/02/2013 - Toughen air standards, Europe told
Europe could face tougher air quality standards in cities following the findings of a World Health Organisation study. More

14/12/2012 - Holiday food shock warning
Allergy experts have issued a warning to party hosts and parents to take care about dangerous reactions over the holiday season. More

23/10/2012 - Fainting link to flying DVT
Air travellers who start fainting may be developing blood clots in the circulation, researchers warned yesterday. More

16/10/2012 - Child risk warning from cigarettes in cars
Smoking in the car produces air pollutants that exceed World Health Organisation air quality guidance and opening windows makes little difference, researchers warn today. More

21/09/2012 - Warning over fake anti-malarial drugs
Travellers visiting malaria hotspots have been warned to be on their guard after doctors in Spain treated a woman who was sold fake antimalarial drugs in Equatorial Guinea. More

09/08/2012 - Long-haul travel raises illness risk in athletes
Travelling a very long distance to compete puts athletes at a raised risk of illness, according to new findings. More

24/07/2012 - Awareness campaign launched after rates of melanoma soar
Melanoma rates in the UK have more than tripled over the past 30 years, campaigners warn today as Britons prepare for their summer holidays. More

06/07/2012 - Space travel may boost lifespan
Travelling in space might help to extend life, scientists revealed last night. More

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