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Coffee compounds could inhibit prostate cancer - lab study
Mon March 18th - Compounds found in coffee could inhibit prostate cancer, a European conference is to hear today. More
Atrial fibrillation sub-types defined
Mon March 18th - Individualised treatment for people with atrial fibrillation is a step closer, thanks to the discovery of subtypes of the heart disorder, a conference has heard. More
Painkillers in pregnancy not cause of asthma
Mon March 18th - Taking paracetamol or other painkillers during pregnancy does not cause asthma in the offspring – but may indicate other factors increasing the risk, according to a large-scale study out today. More
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Traveller Health

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19/03/2010 - World Cup flu vaccine call
Football fans travelling to South Africa for the World Cup could find themselves facing infection from swine flu, British experts warned yesterday. More

09/03/2010 - Visitors urged to get Euro-card
European visitors to Britain are being urged to ensure they carry a free insurance card as the NHS tightens up on so-called health tourism. More

27/11/2009 - Doubts over swine flu trends
It is "too early" to say whether the swine flu outbreak has reached its peak in northern countries, an expert said yesterday. More

23/11/2009 - Mutant flu virus linked to deaths
An investigation is under way into a mutant swine flu virus responsible for the first Norwegian deaths from the disease. More

16/11/2009 - Call for cosmetic surgery ad crack down
Two for one offers and surgical holidays are placing people who want to look better at "great risk", experts warn today. More

09/11/2009 - Northern winter spreads flu pandemic
More than 6,000 deaths from swine flu have now been reported worldwide as the virus spreads rapidly through the northern hemisphere, it has been announced. More

03/11/2009 - Vaccine protects pregnant as flu epidemic hits new country
A swine flu vaccine works well with pregnant women - a key risk group in the pandemic - after just one dose, researchers reported last night. More

23/10/2009 - Flu surge threatens critical care
The number of cases of suspected flu in Britain doubled last week - with the greatest spread among school-aged children, according to estimates released yesterday. More

13/10/2009 - Swine flu's killer streak revealed
Two new studies highlight the threat posed by swine flu in the earliest stages of the outbreak - leading to comparisons with the deadly 1918 pandemic. More

12/10/2009 - ICU warning on swine flu
Up to 20 per cent of intensive care beds could be occupied by swine flu patients if the disease becomes a winter epidemic, according to a new analysis. More

07/10/2009 - Old flu vaccine may protect against new virus
People who were vaccinated against ordinary flu last winter may have been enjoying protection against the new swine flu virus, researchers report today. More

18/09/2009 - Swine flu resumes spread
The spread of swine flu in Britain may have resumed with the return of children to school, health officials warned yesterday. More

04/09/2009 - Second flu wave warning
Britain's chief medical officer issued fresh warnings against complacency yesterday as scientists suggested swine flu may drive out other forms of the disease. More

24/08/2009 - Healthy patients don't need flu drugs - WHO
International guidelines released at the weekend seemed to contradict the British policy of handing out anti-viral drugs to all flu patients. More

21/08/2009 - Swine flu deaths rise as new countries are hit
The number of deaths of swine flu patients continues to rise - even though the spread of the disease has slowed in many countries, it was reported yesterday. More

12/08/2009 - Exercise and diet may prevent Alzheimer's
Elderly people who keep physically active and eat a so-called Mediterranean diet may be helping themselves to stave off Alzheimer's disease, researchers claimed last night. More

31/07/2009 - Flu outbreak stabilises in Britain - but not Asia
The British swine flu outbreak seemed to be stabilising yesterday after schools broke up for the summer holidays. More

24/07/2009 - Swine flu rates double
The number of people falling ill from swine flu may have doubled in England in the last week, according to the latest figures. More

20/07/2009 - Flu scare over pregnancy
Pregnant women were identified as amongst those most at risk from swine flu over the weekend following another death. More

17/07/2009 - Flu deaths rise as Britain moves to self-diagnosis
The number of deaths from swine flu recorded in Britain has nearly doubled in the last week - and deaths are rising in other countries too, according to figures published yesterday. More

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