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Handgrip test for lung cancer survival chances
Fri April 20th - Testing handgrip strength can help predict the survival chances of patients with non-small cell lung cancer, a conference will hear this weekend. More
NHS genomics project “at risk” - MPs
Fri April 20th - Ambitious plans to make the NHS a world leader in genomics are at risk, MPs warn today. More
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Would you like to write a piece about this to be i... on Researchers unveil new pain re...
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Brilliant finding! indeed a break through in under... on Leprosy research breakthrough...
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I have been diagnosed with COPD for over 12 years.... on Seaweed plan for antimicrobial...
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28/03/2018 - Childhood arthritis study launched
British researchers have announced a major research project aimed at finding biomarkers that could help indicate the best treatment approach for children with arthritis. More

20/03/2018 - Osteoarthritis genes revealed
British researchers have identified nine new genes implicated in osteoarthritis, it was announced last night. More

28/02/2018 - Focus on rare autoimmune diseases
Lupus, scleroderma and vasculitis have been highlighted today for Rare Diseases Day. More

27/12/2017 - Robotic aid for spine surgery
Scientists are creating a new high-precision, sensor-based surgical robot that can help carry out spinal operations. More

06/10/2017 - Hope for lupus care improvements
Senior rheumatologists have promised measurable improvements in care from new guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of lupus published today. More

02/08/2017 - Painkillers may hide arthritis
Researchers are investigating the possibility that long-term use of painkillers may sometime obscure underlying inflammatory arthritis. More

19/07/2017 - New arthritis genes found
Scientists investigating the genes involved in osteoarthritis have identified new links with inflammation and pain sensitisation. More

19/06/2017 - Heart risk reducing for rheumatoid arthritis patients
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have been enjoying a reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease since the turn of the century, a conference has heard. More

16/06/2017 - Drugs reducing RA demand for surgery, conference hears
The use of biological drugs can reduce the need for knee and hip replacements, a European conference has heard. More

15/06/2017 - Pre-RA treatment backed at Euro-conference
Active treatment of patients thought to be developing rheumatoid arthritis successfully staves of disease development, a European conference has heard. More

24/05/2017 - Chondroitin sulfate "effective" knee treatment
Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with chondroitin sulfate is equally effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, researchers say today. More

16/12/2016 - Hope to tackle age-related diseases
A genetic breakthrough will pave the way for a range of new drugs to tackle age-related diseases, it was claimed last night. More

08/12/2016 - Metabolism gene origins unveiled
Swedish scientists have unveiled new findings about a gene thought to play a key role in human metabolism. More

24/11/2016 - Fibroblast study offers RA clue
Fibroblasts may prove an effective new target for treatments of rheumatoid arthritis, according to British researchers. More

18/11/2016 - Giant genetic leap for Europe
European researchers have revealed the findings of a major project that set out to investigate links between blood cell development and a range of disease. More

17/11/2016 - Epilepsy link to maternal RA
Women with rheumatoid arthritis face an increased risk of having children who develop epilepsy, Danish researchers have reported. More

31/10/2016 - Blood test for early osteoarthritis diagnosis
A new test that could diagnose early-stage arthritis several years before the onset of physical and irreversible symptoms could be available within two years. More

12/10/2016 - COX-2 inhibitors risk "low" - study
A large study on the risks of different painkillers prescribed for arthritis has found no significant increase in risk with COX-2 inhibitors. More

26/07/2016 - Microsphere plan for bone care
Microspheres carrying stem cells could be used to treat osteoporosis, British researchers believe. More

26/05/2016 - Fall in number of women with osteoporosis
The number of women in the UK who suffer from osteoporosis has fallen over the past 10 years – but the decline in prescriptions for anti-osteoporotic drugs has been described as “concerning”. More

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