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Development of new antibiotics is 'stagnant'
Fri June 24th - Work to develop new antibiotics is ‘stagnant’ and does not meet global needs, a new report from the World Health Organization has warned. More
COVID-19 vaccines 'prevented 20 million deaths' in first year
Fri June 24th - In the first year of the vaccination programme, COVID-19 vaccines prevented about 20 million deaths globally, according to an analysis published today. More
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27/05/2022 - New treatment hope after T cell activation discovery
Links between more than 100 genes and immune-system related diseases have been identified for the first time, offering hope of new therapies, British scientists say. More

20/05/2022 - Genes can predict response to arthritis treatment
Molecular profiling can help to predict the effectiveness of specific drug treatments on rheumatoid arthritis, British researchers have reported. More

29/04/2022 - Try exercise with osteoarthritis - NICE
Osteoarthritis symptoms can be eased with exercise – and can help to improve quality of life, according to new draft guidelines from NICE, published today. More

13/04/2022 - Hormone infusion may aid osteoporosis
A hormone treatment may stimulate bone-forming cells, bringing hope for improved osteoporosis treatments, according to a new study. More

11/04/2022 - New gene targets for immune drugs
British scientists have found dozens of genes linked to autoimmune disorders, it has been announced. More

07/04/2022 - Steroid injection effective for hip pain
Steroid injections provide effective pain relief and enable improved movement for up to four months for adults with hip osteoarthritis, researchers report today. More

16/03/2022 - Air pollution could raise autoimmune risk
Long-term exposure to air pollution may raise the risk of developing autoimmune disease, researchers report today. More

01/09/2021 - Low-cost health solutions to turn pandemic tide
Low cost and innovative health technologies could help the developing world combat the threat of COVID, the World Health Organization has reported. More

27/08/2021 - Major progress in osteoarthritis research
A major step forward has been made in understanding genetic risk factors in osteoarthritis, researchers have reported. More

10/08/2021 - Men's fertility affected by arthritis diagnosis
Men’s fertility may be affected if they are diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis before or during peak reproductive years, according to new Dutch research published today. More

04/08/2021 - COVID vaccine effective with rituximab
COVID-19 vaccination can effectively produce antibodies in patients on rituximab treatment, according to a new European study. More

14/07/2021 - Plasma jabs no use for Achilles pain
A new study has found no benefit for treatment with platelet rich plasma injections for Achilles tendinopathy. More

09/07/2021 - Children's risk of developing severe COVID-19 'very low'
The risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 is extremely low in children and teenagers, according to the most comprehensive analyses of public health data yet. More

05/03/2021 - COVID-19 gout treatment trial to include under-50s
A UK COVID-19 trial that is assessing the effectiveness of a common gout drug to help alleviate the virus’s symptoms can now include under-50s, it has been announced. More

21/01/2021 - Antidepressants 'ineffective' for back pain and osteoarthritis
Antidepressant drugs do not provide any benefit for people with back and osteoarthritis pain, according to a review published. More

21/12/2020 - Prehabilitation needs to be lengthy - study
Older adults should complete a lengthy programme of exercise before undergoing elective surgery to help counteract muscle-wasting effects caused by bed rest, says a UK study published today (21 December 2020). More

15/12/2020 - Discrepancies in opioid prescribing patterns in England
England has hugely varying rates of opioid prescribing across its regions, researchers say today. More

04/12/2020 - Pandemic mortality risk for people with rare autoimmune disease
People with rare autoimmune rheumatic diseases have been at greater risk of dying during the COVID-19 pandemic than the general population, according to a study published today. More

16/11/2020 - Baricitinib could reduce COVID-19 mortality
Baricitinib, the rheumatoid arthritis drug, has shown promise as a treatment that could help to reduce COVID-19 mortality, an early-stage study has found. More

01/10/2020 - Care homes to test anti-inflammatory virus treatment
An anti-tumour necrosis factor drug is to be tested as a community treatment for COVID-19 infection, it has been announced. More

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