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Artificial pancreas helps youngsters with type 1 diabetes
Thurs January 20th - A “life-changing” artificial pancreas is helping young children with type 1 diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels, British researchers reported today. More
Prolonged TV watching linked to blood clots
Thurs January 20th - People who sit and watch television for more than four hours at a time are at significantly increased risk of developing blood clots, researchers report today. More
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19/01/2022 - Children's lateral flow tests vary in reliability
COVID-19 lateral flow tests provided to children have sensitivity that "varies broadly" and is "substantially lower than reported by manufacturers", researchers warn today. More

13/01/2022 - Debate about licensing of e-cigarettes as medicines
Respiratory experts have debated if e-cigarettes should be licensed as medicines after the UK announced support for the move. More

12/01/2022 - Lung disease test for undiagnosed millions
A simple assessment can be used for accurate diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in many settings, according to a major global study. More

12/01/2022 - Omicron tidal wave sweeping Europe
The Omicron variant is a “tidal wave” sweeping across Europe, the World Health Organization has warned. More

11/01/2022 - Air pollution exposure 'may increase COVID-19 risk'
Long-term exposure to air pollution could increase the risk from COVID-19 infection, new findings show today. More

10/01/2022 - Common cold "key" to universal COVID vaccine
British scientists unveil new evidence today of how exposure to the common cold may help protect against COVID. More

05/01/2022 - Good results for T cell COVID-19 booster
A new COVID-19 booster vaccine may be effective against multiple variants, British scientists have announced. More

22/12/2021 - Ultraviolet light to halt virus spread?
An invisible protective “wall” could prevent the spread of airborne pathogens indoors, according to a new analysis. More

02/12/2021 - COVID infection link to maternal complications
Pregnant women with COVID-19 infection appear to be at increased risk of complications during their pregnancy and labour, new findings show. More

01/12/2021 - Limited overlap in COVID infection risk and severity
The risk factors for COVID infection and severity of disease have "limited overlap," researchers report today. More

24/11/2021 - Face coverings, not social distancing, protect against transmission - new study
The two metre social distancing rule was “arbitrary” and is no guarantee of protection from COVID infection, according to a new analysis. More

24/11/2021 - Common cold antibodies may give COVID protection
People carrying antibodies to coronaviruses that cause common colds are at a reduced risk of catching, and being hospitalised for, COVID-19, according to a new study. More

17/11/2021 - Worldwide fall in tobacco use
Global rates of tobacco use are continuing to fall, a new World Health Organization report shows. More

05/11/2021 - Europe at "epicentre" of pandemic resurgence
All of Europe is now fighting a resurgence of COVID-19, the World Health Organisation warned yesterday. More

02/11/2021 - Cautious results over zinc supplements for respiratory infection
Taking a zinc supplement could fend off the symptoms of respiratory tract infections and reduce the time of illness, new analysis reveals today. More

19/10/2021 - Genetic causes of TB drug resistance identified
Almost all the genomic variation that gives people resistance to 13 of the most common tuberculosis drug treatments have been identified for the first time. More

15/10/2021 - Cannabidiol oil link to lung cancer regression
Cannabidiol oil could have potential as a lung cancer treatment, after doctors discovered a patient’s tumour shrank after she self-medicated with it for months. More

15/10/2021 - TB deaths increase for the first time in a decade
Tuberculosis deaths have risen for the first time in ten years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization has reported. More

06/10/2021 - Novel ventilator could widen access in poorer countries
Scientists have developed a cheaper form of mechanical ventilator to treat patients with respiratory diseases including COVID-19. More

29/09/2021 - High rates of long COVID diagnosis
More than a third of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 develop at least one persistent symptom of long COVID, according to a new analysis. More

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