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Eve, toothpaste and malaria drugs
Fri January 19th - An artificially intelligent robot has helped to discover that an ingredient in toothpaste could be used as an anti-malarial drug, British researchers have reported. More
Robot could be used to treat birth defect
Fri January 19th - A robot has been developed that can help to treat babies with oesophageal atresia, it has been announced. More
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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

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03/11/2017 - Placebo effect of heart stents revealed
The placebo effect on people who have stents inserted for stable angina may be more significant than previously realised, according to a new analysis. More

13/10/2017 - English hospices praised
Hospices in England are providing the best care of any sector in the country, inspectors say today ahead of a global campaign to improve palliative care. More

30/08/2017 - Gene link to statin pain
People who complain of myalgia caused by statins may be suffering from a genetic problem, British researchers report today. More

02/08/2017 - Painkillers may hide arthritis
Researchers are investigating the possibility that long-term use of painkillers may sometime obscure underlying inflammatory arthritis. More

27/07/2017 - Knee op pain relief study published
Periarticular infiltration appears to be a superior method of pain control during knee arthroplasty compared with femoral nerve block, according to one of the last projects of a leading orthopaedic surgeon. More

19/12/2016 - Prognosis test revealed for patients with advanced cancer
A blood test developed in Japan could help establish how long patients with very advanced cancer have to live, a European conference has heard. More

03/11/2016 - Brain "tuning" could relieve pain
It may be possible to "tune" the brain to dampen the effects of pain, according to British researchers. More

28/10/2016 - Brain rewiring cause of phantom limb pain?
Phantom limb pain is likely to be caused by a reorganisation of the wiring in the brain, a new study has found. More

12/10/2016 - COX-2 inhibitors risk "low" - study
A large study on the risks of different painkillers prescribed for arthritis has found no significant increase in risk with COX-2 inhibitors. More

29/09/2016 - Painkillers linked to increased risk of heart failure
Commonly used prescription painkillers have been linked to an increased risk of heart failure, a new study out this week has revealed. More

23/09/2016 - Call to tackle post-op joint pain
Doctors need to do more to tackle the problem of pain experienced by joint replacement patients, a European conference has heard. More

19/08/2016 - Chronic pain/depression link among partners
Partners of people with depression have increased rates of chronic pain compared with the general population, according to a new study. More

12/08/2016 - NSAID shows Alzheimer's promise
An anti-inflammatory drug might provide a treatment for Alzheimer's disease, British researchers have reported. More

29/07/2016 - Nervous system findings could revolutionise pain research
Decades of clinical trials of pain relief targeting a key chemical in the nervous system may have been based on misunderstandings of its role, British researchers have revealed. More

21/06/2016 - Millions living with pain - study
As many as 28 million adults in the UK may be living with chronic pain, researchers claim today. More

29/04/2016 - Having more friends 'better than morphine'
Friends are better than morphine - and the wider circle of friends people have, the higher their tolerance for pain, according to a new analysis. More

29/03/2016 - Exercise prime back pain therapy - draft guidance
Exercise should be the main treatment for low back pain, according to new guidance in England. More

18/03/2016 - Paracetamol 'ineffective' for treating osteoarthritis
Paracetamol does not alleviate osteoarthritis pain, according to a major analysis published today. More

11/02/2016 - Mood drug may tackle chronic pain
A drug under development for mood disorders may also be able to help treat chronic pain, British researchers reported last night. 1 comments More

12/01/2016 - Joint pain focus for European year
A European Year Against Joint Pain campaign has been launched, highlighting a problem afflicting half the population over the age of 50. More

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