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Simple care changes that could save millions of neonates
Fri Dec 14th - Simple improvements to health care and advice to parents could save the lives of millions of babies globally, according to leading health organisations. More
Genetic discoveries offer new asthma hope
Fri Dec 14th - British researchers have found new genetic variants associated with severe asthma, leading to hope of new treatments to control mucus, it has been announced. More
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Would you like to write a piece about this to be i... on Researchers unveil new pain re...
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Brilliant finding! indeed a break through in under... on Leprosy research breakthrough...
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I have been diagnosed with COPD for over 12 years.... on Seaweed plan for antimicrobial...
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07/09/2018 - Injury risk of female athletes 'linked to abuse'
The risk of injury among female track and field athletes can be linked to their history of sexual and/or physical abuse, a Swedish study claims today. More

06/04/2018 - Study backs single stage treatment for peri-prosthetic hip infection
A one-stage procedure may be the best way to treat an infected hip replacement, according to a new analysis. More

22/03/2018 - Back pain over-treated - experts
Too many patients get the wrong care – and are over-treated – for low back pain, experts say today. More

27/12/2017 - Robotic aid for spine surgery
Scientists are creating a new high-precision, sensor-based surgical robot that can help carry out spinal operations. More

14/12/2017 - Children should write information leaflets - BMJ
Children could be recruited to help write patient information leaflets, doctors say today. More

21/11/2017 - Doubts over shoulder decompression treatment
An increasingly popular form of shoulder surgery has minimal benefits, according to the findings of a British randomised trial published today. More

04/10/2017 - Progress on bone regeneration therapy
UK scientists are working on a new, more effective method of hard tissue regeneration. More

27/07/2017 - Knee op pain relief study published
Periarticular infiltration appears to be a superior method of pain control during knee arthroplasty compared with femoral nerve block, according to one of the last projects of a leading orthopaedic surgeon. More

03/07/2017 - Metal hip revisions improving
The quality of revisions for metal-on-metal hips has improved significantly in five years, according to an analysis published today. More

15/05/2017 - 'Little clinical benefit' for vitamin D supplements
Vitamin D supplements provide little clinical benefit for older adults, unless they have a significant deficiency, a new report has revealed. More

11/05/2017 - Panel rejects arthroscopy
Very few patients with degenerative knee disease can benefit from arthroscopic procedures, experts say today. More

04/05/2017 - 99p camera behind intuitive prosthetic hand responses
Intuitive bionic hands fitted with a 99p camera are enabling prosthetic wearers to move their arms responsively, in the same way as real limbs, developers have revealed. More

02/05/2017 - Space medicine textbook plan
British experts are planning to compile a medical textbook for space medicine. More

06/04/2017 - Joint replacement mortality examined
The risk of death from digestive diseases seems to increase after hip and knee replacements, according to a major analysis published today. More

29/03/2017 - Knee surgery could be restricted - US study
Total knee replacement could be limited to most severe cases of knee osteoarthritis, according to an analysis published today. More

02/12/2016 - VR tackles phantom limb pain
Augmented reality can help amputees tackle phantom limb pain, researchers have reported. More

02/11/2016 - Pregnancy loss trauma common
Women who experience miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy should be screened for possible post-traumatic stress disorder, expert say today. More

28/10/2016 - Brain rewiring cause of phantom limb pain?
Phantom limb pain is likely to be caused by a reorganisation of the wiring in the brain, a new study has found. More

26/10/2016 - No benefit from ultrasound post-fracture - study
Ultrasound therapy following surgery to repair a fractured tibia is not beneficial, according to an analysis published today. More

21/10/2016 - Nose cartilage knee op shows promise
Surgeons in Switzerland have successfully used nasal cartilage to repair damaged knees, it was announced today. More

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