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Gene therapy programme launched for neurodegenerative diseases
Fri July 30th - An innovative gene therapy programme has been launched that could lead to novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. More
Unvaccinated pregnant women hospitalised with COVID-19
Fri July 30th - Pregnant women are being urged to have the COVID-19 vaccination after 200 were admitted to hospital last week with the virus – almost all of whom were unvaccinated. More
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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

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24/01/2017 - How saturated fat may trigger liver disease
A single large helping of saturated fat leads to fat accumulating in the liver and to metabolic changes, according to a German study published last night. More

17/01/2017 - TV viewers to see live colonoscopy
A television advert is set to broadcast a colonoscopy procedure live tomorrow for the first time. More

10/01/2017 - Different genes determine Crohn's disease risk and prognosis
A series of genetic variants that affect the severity of Crohn's disease have been identified, but none is related to a person’s risk of developing the condition, say researchers. More

06/01/2017 - Gastric bypass beneficial to severely obese teens
Gastric bypass surgery can help severely obese teenagers maintain their weight loss, although they may need to undergo additional procedures to deal with complications, two studies reported today. More

30/12/2016 - How gut interferes with feelings
Gut bacteria may interfere with the body's serotonin levels, according to a new analysis. More

20/12/2016 - Heavy drinkers need liver screening - guidance
People who drink too much alcohol should be screened for liver disease, according to draft UK guidelines published last night. More

29/11/2016 - Dialysis heart scan success
British researchers have found a way to conduct MRI scans of patients undergoing kidney dialysis, it has been announced. More

09/11/2016 - Vitamin D-bladder cancer link
Low vitamin D levels may be linked to risk of developing bladder cancer, a conference has heard. More

02/11/2016 - Case reports uncover rare risks
Unexpected side effects from excessive use of energy drinks and opium have been reported by doctors. More

21/09/2016 - Living kidney donation milestone
More than 500 people have become living kidney donors since it became possible ten years ago, it was announced today. More

21/09/2016 - Chronic kidney disease often benign
Most patients with chronic kidney disease are not at risk of progression and complications, according to a new analysis. More

12/09/2016 - Immunotherapy boosts cancer survival
A new immunotherapy treatment could “revolutionise” cancer treatment after a trial with patients with pancreatic cancer delivered dramatic results, researchers say after reporting the results of a new trial. More

01/09/2016 - Transplant boost "not enough"
The UK has achieved a record level of organ transplants from deceased donors - but it is still "not enough", campaigners say today. More

30/08/2016 - Pancreatic cancer drug trial announced
A new ovarian cancer drug is to be tested as a treatment for pancreatic cancer. More

22/08/2016 - Gene test for oesophageal cancer
Genetic testing can identify patients at risk of developing oesophageal cancer, researchers have announced. More

15/08/2016 - Bladder cancer trial begins
An early stage clinical trial of a drug aimed at preventing chemotherapy resistance in bladder cancer is to get under way, it is announced today. More

21/07/2016 - Plea for world action on hepatitis
Hepatitis is becoming a forgotten disease in spite of soaring death rates, according to the World Health Organisation. More

01/07/2016 - Artificial pancreas hope
The artificial pancreas should be available for patients with diabetes within two years, according to experts. More

03/06/2016 - Hope for new pancreatic cancer drug
An experimental drug has halted the spread of pancreatic cancer in tests, scientists have revealed. More

06/05/2016 - First paintball liver injury reported
Doctors have treated a teenager in what is believed to be the first reported paintball related liver injury. More

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