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Eve, toothpaste and malaria drugs
Fri January 19th - An artificially intelligent robot has helped to discover that an ingredient in toothpaste could be used as an anti-malarial drug, British researchers have reported. More
Robot could be used to treat birth defect
Fri January 19th - A robot has been developed that can help to treat babies with oesophageal atresia, it has been announced. More
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Elderly People's Health

Elderly People's Health

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09/01/2018 - Repeated flu vaccine mean reduced symptoms
Elderly people who have had repeated influenza vaccinations gain protection from severe disease, according to a Spanish study. More

22/12/2017 - Brain function improves when adults with dementia exercise
When older people with dementia increase their physical exercise, their brain function improves, a new study has found. More

23/11/2017 - How physical activity in elderly helps heart health
Older people should undertake even moderate amounts of physical activity to benefit their heart health, new research has suggested. More

01/11/2017 - Anti-ageing gene therapy passes lab test
Scientists in Barcelona have unveiled proposals for a gene therapy to protect against age-related cognitive and memory defects. More

02/10/2017 - WHO calls for integrated care for older people
The World Health Organisation has called for a co-ordinated and integrated approach in providing care for older people. More

11/08/2017 - Caution urged over aggressive hypertension treatment
Aggressively reducing blood pressure in some older people can increase the risk of falls and blackouts, Irish doctors have warned. More

07/04/2017 - Falls injuries force trauma rethink
Injuries from falls are now the most common type of major trauma in England and Wales, according to a new analysis. More

02/03/2017 - Activity critical to elderly health - study
Keeping physically active, rather than weight management, is the key to preventing cardiovascular disease in older people, according to a new European study. More

27/02/2017 - How middle-aged cope with cancer costs
Middle-aged patients with cancer are reverting to the "Bank of Mum and Dad" because of the financial costs of the disease, a charity says today. More

30/01/2017 - High melanoma deaths ‘due to ageing population’
Melanoma death rates will reduce from their current rates by 2050 – but an ageing population will mean that the number of people dying from the disease will continue to be high, a conference has heard. More

05/01/2017 - Diet role in elderly brain health
Elderly people may make a big contribution to their brain health by eating a healthy diet, according to a Scottish study. More

23/12/2016 - Cold may not cause Christmas deaths
The winter cold is not the only reason why death rates increase over the Christmas holiday period, according to a study from New Zealand. More

08/12/2016 - Over 50s reluctant to get cancer symptoms checked - study
Thousands of people should be seeking investigation for possible symptoms of cancer, campaigners say. More

05/12/2016 - Concern at care of women with dementia
Women with dementia receive inferior health care to men, researchers say today. More

25/11/2016 - How blood ages
Infusing "old" blood into a young animal can have negative effects, according to researchers investigating the ageing process in blood. More

08/11/2016 - Target heart screening - new study
Heart screening programmes could be effective by targeting just 12% of the population, researchers have claimed. More

19/10/2016 - Check-list to cut hospital falls
Physicians have launched a drive to reduce the rate of falls in hospitals through advice to patients and families. More

13/10/2016 - Orthostatic hypotension link to dementia
Dutch researchers have linked episodes of low blood pressure to dementia risk. More

10/10/2016 - Protein may be key to ageing
British researchers say they have found an "ageing" protein within mitochondrial cells. More

08/09/2016 - Hip fracture rehab still a problem - analysis
Care of hip fracture patients is being undermined by a lack of rehabilitation and planned care after hospital, according to a report published today. More

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