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Hope for new psoriasis treatment
Fri October 30th - A possible new therapy for psoriasis has shown promise, a European conference has heard. More
Shop workers' risk of getting COVID-19
Fri October 30th - Customer-facing shop staff are about five times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than their colleagues in other positions, a small American study has found. More
CA125 test better at predicting ovarian cancer
Fri October 30th - A readily available blood test is able to predict ovarian cancer risk more successfully than previously thought – particularly for the over 50s, according to newly published findings. More
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Brilliant finding! indeed a break through in under... on Leprosy research breakthrough...
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I have been diagnosed with COPD for over 12 years.... on Seaweed plan for antimicrobial...
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The photo you have paired with this article is its... on 'Fat shaming' limits...


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29/04/2015 - Cancer patients miss out on fitness advice
Patients with bowel cancer benefit from keeping fit - but many say they have never received this advice, researchers say today. More

13/04/2015 - How dogs spread norovirus
Pet dogs may be helping to spread the norovirus - known as the winter sickness bug, according to a British researcher. More

02/04/2015 - Elderly suffer from late cancer diagnosis
The over-60s are most likely to have cancer diagnosed through an emergency admission to hospital, according to figures published today. More

03/03/2015 - Risks underestimated for long-term paracetamol taking
The risks for patients who take paracetamol long term may have been underestimated, reseachers warn today. More

29/10/2014 - Questions raised over 'healthy' dairy
Milk may damage the bones rather than protect them, it is claimed today. More

10/10/2014 - How healthy living stops bowel cancer
A healthy lifestyle is closely linked to the risk of getting bowel cancer, according to the findings of a major European study today. More

28/07/2014 - Row as liver virus found in donated blood
There was controversy today over a study which revealed that thousands of blood donors are infected with a usually harmless liver virus. More

10/07/2014 - Sunshine vitamin boost for cancer care?
Sunshine could be a key therapy for patients with bowel cancer, researchers have revealed. More

12/05/2014 - Call to find coeliac disease patients
The gluten intolerance disease, coeliac disease, is being found in increasing numbers of people - but remains largely undiagnosed, campaigners claim today. More

09/05/2014 - Delays that aggravate cancer risk
Young adults and the middle-aged tend to delay dangerously before reporting symptoms of pancreatic cancer to a GP, according to a survey published yesterday. More

17/04/2014 - Alarm as pensioners shun bowel screening
Bowel cancer screening programmes across England are having dramatically different success rates, campaigners claimed yesterday. More

10/04/2014 - Child warning for lambing season
Public health officials have issued a seasonal warning about the risks of children contracting illness from visits to farms. More

07/04/2014 - No benefit of probiotics on colic
Infants with colic may not benefit from so-called probiotics - yoghurt type foods aimed at replenishing gut bacteria, according to a new study. More

11/12/2013 - Heartburn drugs risk B12 deficiency
New findings indicate that use of proton pump inhibitors and histamine 2 receptor antagonists is linked to vitamin B12 deficiency. More

05/11/2013 - Study to look at health benefits of porridge and oats
Scottish scientists are hoping to discover if oats really do keep the gut healthy and can protect against heart disease. More

04/09/2013 - Richard III had roundworm
The troubled English king Richard III suffered from roundworm infestation as well as spinal problems, researchers have revealed. More

01/07/2013 - Vaccine to prevent tummy bugs launched
The NHS begins offering a vaccine aimed at preventing thousands of cases of tummy upset in young children today. More

27/06/2013 - Treatment boost for bowel problem
Patients with an incurable bowel condition have faced a postcode lottery of treatment, NHS advisers said yesterday. More

23/05/2013 - Hope for E.coli vaccine
Swedish researchers have announced the successful development of a vaccine against E.coli infection. More

17/05/2013 - GP calls for Coeliac diagnosis improvements
A British doctor has told how his daughter's illness gave him new insights into a disease caused by serious reactions to foods with wheat. More

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