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Hope for new psoriasis treatment
Fri October 30th - A possible new therapy for psoriasis has shown promise, a European conference has heard. More
Shop workers' risk of getting COVID-19
Fri October 30th - Customer-facing shop staff are about five times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than their colleagues in other positions, a small American study has found. More
CA125 test better at predicting ovarian cancer
Fri October 30th - A readily available blood test is able to predict ovarian cancer risk more successfully than previously thought – particularly for the over 50s, according to newly published findings. More
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I have been diagnosed with COPD for over 12 years.... on Seaweed plan for antimicrobial...
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The photo you have paired with this article is its... on 'Fat shaming' limits...


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23/05/2011 - Stomach bug clue to Parkinson's
A stomach ulcer bug may have helped trigger Parkinson's disease in many people, researchers revealed yesterday. More

27/04/2011 - Gut bacteria groups uncovered
In addition to blood groups, people belong to "intestinal bacteria groups" which can affect their health, according to a new scientific study. More

22/03/2011 - Priority medicines for babies and childbirth
Simple treatments such as zinc, rehydration therapy and oxytocin for childbirth must be available in all countries to save the lives of children and their mothers, global experts said yesterday. More

08/03/2011 - How lifestyle guards gut
Doctors have unveiled new insights into how healthy lifestyles may help prevent cancer of the gut. More

01/02/2011 - Genetic links between coeliac disease and Crohn’s
Two unpleasant diseases of the digestion share part of their genetic background, according to new findings. More

28/12/2010 - Stomach cancer gene hope
Scientists may have found a gene which could be used to develop new treatments for stomach cancer, it was announced last night. More

23/12/2010 - Alternatives threaten children
Parents should realise the dangers of treating childhood illnesses with alternative medicines - following a series of deaths, researchers warned today. More

04/10/2010 - Hi-tech cancer screening plan
People over 55 are to be offered thorough screening for bowel cancer in a bid to cut the death toll from the disease, the British government announced yesterday. More

10/08/2010 - Child allergies "serious" - draft guidance
GPs should look out for children with food allergies and seek to diagnose and treat them, according to proposed guidelines published yesterday. More

26/05/2010 - Help for unblocking children
Doctors can do more to help children with constipation, according to official guidelines published today. More

04/05/2010 - Aspirin link to bowel disease
Regular use of aspirin is linked to the development of an unpleasant bowel disease in a new study published today. More

28/04/2010 - Test that could save thousands of lives
A "simple" medical procedure could save hundreds of lives from bowel cancer if it was offered to adults just before they reached retirement age, British researchers said today. More

18/03/2010 - Fish oil success in cancer prevention
Purified fish oil may help prevent the development of bowel cancer in high risk people, researchers reveal today. More

03/12/2009 - Bowel cancer screening resistance
Efforts to save lives using bowel cancer screening may miss hundreds of people because of resistance from some sections of society, researchers warned today. More

05/10/2009 - Nutrition may boost stomach surgery
Patients who have had surgery for stomach cancer recover best if they are fed after surgery - using liquid food, researchers will tell a major UK cancer conference today. More

02/10/2009 - Bowel cancer gene risk confirmed
Researchers have found a new genetic marker for bowel cancer risk. More

28/08/2009 - Soluble fibre may ease IBS
New research supports the use of soluble fibre as an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. More

13/08/2009 - Stomach cancer treatment hope
Scientists opened up hope of new treatments for stomach cancer yesterday after discovering a chemical that plays a key role in its development. More

23/07/2009 - Meat oil linked to bowel disease
A common oil found in many foods is linked to the development of an unpleasant bowel disease, researchers report today. More

09/06/2009 - Needles combat pregnancy indigestion
Pregnant women suffering from indigestion may benefit from a course of acupuncture, researchers report today. More

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