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Hope for new psoriasis treatment
Fri October 30th - A possible new therapy for psoriasis has shown promise, a European conference has heard. More
Shop workers' risk of getting COVID-19
Fri October 30th - Customer-facing shop staff are about five times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than their colleagues in other positions, a small American study has found. More
CA125 test better at predicting ovarian cancer
Fri October 30th - A readily available blood test is able to predict ovarian cancer risk more successfully than previously thought – particularly for the over 50s, according to newly published findings. More
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Would you like to write a piece about this to be i... on Researchers unveil new pain re...
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On 12/09/2017 Aparna srikantam wrote:
Brilliant finding! indeed a break through in under... on Leprosy research breakthrough...
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I have been diagnosed with COPD for over 12 years.... on Seaweed plan for antimicrobial...
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The photo you have paired with this article is its... on 'Fat shaming' limits...


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22/04/2013 - Marathon pain-killer warning
Thousands took part in the London Marathon safely yesterday - but some may have suffered unexpected medical effects through taking common painkillers, researchers warned. More

15/04/2013 - New cancer found
Scientists have found a new kind of bowel cancer, which places patients at high risk, it was announced last night. More

02/04/2013 - Mystery of male cancer surge
British men have been hit by a big increase in rates of bowel cancer in the last few decades, researchers warned today. More

25/02/2013 - Electronic nose to aid radiotherapy
An electronic nose could be used to predict some of the side-effects from radiotherapy, British researchers have revealed. More

18/02/2013 - Backing for new cancer test
A new cancer screening test is set to prove popular with the public, according to a study published today. More

23/01/2013 - Gut bacteria linked to eczema
Young children with eczema have a broader range of gut bacteria than others, according to a new study. More

01/11/2012 - Scan hope to boost cancer treatment
Some patients with bowel cancer should be given six weeks of chemotherapy before having surgery, according to the findings of a major UK study. More

13/08/2012 - Gene key to iron cancer link
A genetic study casts new light on how red meat and other iron rich foods may cause bowel cancer. More

26/07/2012 - Liver virus's silent spread
The number of people in Britain infected with the hepatitis C virus is approaching a quarter of a million - and this is having an impact on illness, according to stark new figures published today. More

15/06/2012 - Screening helps early diagnosis
People who take part in screening for bowel cancer can benefit massively from early diagnosis, researchers report today. More

11/06/2012 - Tackle common child diseases - Unicef
More than two million children could be saved every year by stepping up simple treatments to tackle two common illnesses, experts have warned. More

07/05/2012 - Cancer patients to test curry spice
Patients in Leicester, UK, are set to be the first to test the potential of curry spices to treat cancer. More

25/04/2012 - Aspirin may combat bowel cancer
New findings, published today, reinforce the potential benefits of aspirin for patients with bowel cancer. More

05/04/2012 - Alert on farm visits
Parents and teachers have been urged to take precautions as the spring brings the "animal petting" season. More

02/03/2012 - World cholera threat underestimated
The world-wide problem of cholera is ten times greater than official figures show, researchers have warned. More

08/11/2011 - Cancer patients may need obesity advice
People with cancer - or its early signs - should be given advice about their weight if they are obese, researchers warned today. More

07/11/2011 - Cancer women need fertility advice
Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer need to be given advice on how they can preserve fertility, a major conference was told today. More

19/09/2011 - National bowel cancer campaign planned
A England-wide bowel cancer awareness campaign is to be launched, it has been announced. More

23/08/2011 - Alarm at cancer ignorance
The British people knows very little about the country's third most common form of cancer, according to a major study published today. More

27/07/2011 - Men face bowel cancer risk
British men now face a significant risk of developing bowel cancer during their lifetimes, according to stark new figures published today. More

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