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Muscle pain not affected by statins
Thurs February 25th - Muscle pain is not exacerbated by the use of statins, according to the results of a UK trial, published today. More
New malaria genome data published
Thurs February 25th - New genome variation data on more than 7,000 malaria parasites will help in the development of treatments, surveillance tools for malaria control and elimination, British researchers have reported. More
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19/02/2021 - Thousands of new gut virus species identified
More than 140,000 virus species that live in the human gut have been identified - more than half of which are new to science, a new study revealed last night. More

19/01/2021 - Simple, cheap test can help save lives from colorectal cancer
A simple and cheap test can help to identify individuals who are at risk of developing colorectal cancer, new UK research reveals today. More

12/01/2021 - Gut microbiome may influence COVID-19 severity
Imbalances in gut microbiome may be responsible for how ill an individual will get from COVID-19 and could be why some people suffer from “long COVID”, according to new research. More

08/12/2020 - Cellular changes lead to childhood-onset Crohn's Disease
Key cellular changes have been identified that are linked to the development of Crohn’s Disease in children, British researchers have reported. More

17/11/2020 - Blood test 'promising' for targeted drugs cancer therapy
A newly developed liquid biopsy can identify stomach or oesophageal cancer patients who could benefit from targeted treatment, according to a study published today. More

02/09/2020 - New drug option for heart disease prevention
The common gout medication, colchicine, may help prevent major cardiovascular events in patients with chronic coronary disease, a European conference has heard. More

18/08/2020 - Antibiotic risk of inflammatory bowel disease
Taking antibiotics, especially those with greater spectrum of microbial coverage, could increase the risk of new-onset inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, a new study claims today (18 August 2020). More

21/07/2020 - Gum disease 'increases gastric and oesophageal cancer' risk
People with periodontal disease may be at increased risk of developing oesophageal and gastric cancer, researchers say today. More

25/06/2020 - Bowel disease link to dementia
Inflammatory bowel disease is significantly linked to a raised risk of dementia, according to a new analysis. More

05/06/2020 - Indigestion drug may ease mild-moderate Covid-19 symptoms
A widely available drug used to ease indigestion could help to treat people with mild to moderate cases of Covid-19, it was claimed today. More

29/04/2020 - Gut neurons linked to Parkinson's disease
Researchers have investigated which types of nerve cells contain genes linked to Parkinson’s disease, pinpointing a cluster in the gut. More

19/03/2020 - Scepticism about Covid-19 vaccine speed
Analysts have warned that a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus could be a year away, in spite of the first vaccine going for phase 1 testing. More

28/02/2020 - Bowel cancer risk from E.coli toxin
A toxin released by a strain of E. coli could contribute to the development of bowel cancer, a new study has revealed. More

26/02/2020 - Electronic nose detects Barrett's
An electronic nose can accurately detect Barrett's oesophagus, providing a potential new portable diagnostic test, Dutch researchers report today. More

12/02/2020 - Micro RNA clue to cancer therapy
A piece of microRNA could open the way for a therapy for bile duct cancer, British researchers reported today. More

29/01/2020 - Lung improvements seen after obesity surgery
The shortness of breath caused by obesity can be reversed with weight loss surgery, British doctors have reported. More

28/01/2020 - Bowel screening suffering from staff shortages - charity
Bowel cancer screening in England is suffering because of shortages of diagnostic staff, campaigners say today. More

20/12/2019 - Cholera cases down
The world experienced a significant reduction in cholera cases last year, according to new figures. More

11/11/2019 - Bariatric surgery effective for over-65s
Bariatric surgery is an effective procedure for patients over the age of 65, a UK conference has heard. More

04/11/2019 - Specific gut bacteria risk to bowel cancer
A specific type of gut bacteria may be associated with an increased risk of developing bowel cancer, according to new research being presented today (4 November 2019). More

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