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Air pollution increases macular risk
Tues January 26th - A new, long-term study has revealed a link between air pollution and an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration. More
How music reduces pain after major heart surgery
Tues January 26th - Listening to music following major heart surgery can significantly reduce anxiety and pain, according to an analysis published today. More
Atrial fibrillation deaths higher in rich European countries
Tues January 26th - The wealthiest European countries report higher atrial fibrillation death rates than the poorest – and women are more likely than men to die from the condition, according to the first study of its kind, published today. More
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Child health, sickness and symptoms guide Child health guide
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Child & Adolescent Health

Child & Adolescent Health

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14/07/2020 - Gene hope for children's bone cancer treatment
New genetic discoveries could lead to improved treatments for children with bone cancer – and save more lives. More

08/07/2020 - IVF rate of cerebral palsy falling
New figures suggest that the rate of cerebral palsy among children conceived by in vitro fertilisation has fallen by over half in the last 20 years. More

09/06/2020 - Antibody test confirms Covid-19 trigger for new children's condition
A new antibody test has shown that Covid-19 is the most likely cause of a newly emerged multi-system inflammatory syndrome which has affected hundreds of children. More

20/05/2020 - Mental health concerns rising in European adolescents
A new Europe-wide report has reported the state of schoolchildren’s health in 45 countries, raising concerns about increasing problems with mental health. More

18/05/2020 - Stem cell hope for rare disease
A potentially revolutionary and “exciting” therapy for a rare brain disease has shown promise prior to a clinical trial, an international conference has heard. More

13/05/2020 - Children's Covid-19 symptoms highlighted
Covid-19 infection in children may not start with a cough, but gastrointestinal symptoms with fever, according to a new report from China. More

07/05/2020 - Child body size linked to later risk of disease
Children with a high body mass index face an increased risk of developing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes in later life, researchers say today. More

07/05/2020 - Vaccine hope for type 1 diabetes viruses
A vaccine has been developed that could help to stop viruses that attack the autoimmune system and trigger type 1 diabetes, it was announced last night. More

28/04/2020 - Gene defects linked to babies' eczema, wheeze and nasal disease
A link between a common gene defect and eczema, nasal blockage and wheeze among babies as young as six months has been identified, a new study has revealed. More

14/04/2020 - Alarm at increase in diabetes emergencies
Parents should be careful not to blame childhood illness on Covid-19 if there are signs of conditions such as diabetes, campaigners warned today. More

02/04/2020 - Treatment hope for babies with high-grade glioma
Targeted drugs could be used to treat some infants with high-grade glioma, according to the biggest study to date on the aggressive brain tumour. More

18/03/2020 - E-cigarettes mostly not gateway to smoking
Teens who use e-cigarettes are not significantly likely to go on and smoke standard cigarettes, according to a new study. More

17/03/2020 - Two types of type 1 diabetes
Children under the age of seven who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have a different type from those diagnosed at aged 13, researchers reported last night. More

11/03/2020 - Support needed for parents of children with learning disabilities
New research has highlighted the mental health struggles of some parents of children with learning disabilities. More

04/03/2020 - Child vaccine clue to cancer therapy
The “immunological memory” of common childhood vaccines could provide a basis for new cancer treatments, according to a research team in Finland. More

25/02/2020 - Call for changes to infant hip screening
Orthopaedic experts are calling for the reassessment of national guidelines relating to new-born and infant developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) screening, following the findings of a 15-year study. More

19/02/2020 - Global failure on child health
The world is failing to protect the health of its children, according to a major report published today. More

17/02/2020 - Hancock pledges to take on anti-vaxxers after mumps surge
Anti-vaccine campaigners have been blamed for a surge in cases of mumps in the UK in the last year. More

27/01/2020 - Oedema drug improves autism symptoms
A drug prescribed to treat oedema improves some of the symptoms in young children with autism, according to a study published today. More

22/01/2020 - Studies question cervical cancer eradication claims
NHS officials produced new evidence of the success of HPV vaccination as a series of studies, published today, cast doubt on claims that cervical cancer could be eliminated. More

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