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Mixed access to home palliative care - study
Fri March 22nd - Access to palliative care at home for terminally ill patients depends heavily on the diagnosis, researchers say today. More
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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy

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13/04/2012 - Toxic plants and endangered animal traces found in traditional Chinese medicines
DNA sequencing technology has revealed that some traditional Chinese medicines contain potentially toxic plant ingredients, allergens, and traces of endangered animals. More

28/03/2012 - Herbs for acne?
Teenagers troubled by acne may fare better with herbal treatments than prescriptions, scientists claim today. More

21/03/2012 - Herbs and needles that may soothe pelvis pain
Some complementary therapies may benefit women with chronic pelvic pain, say experts, but there is still a lack of clear evidence, British experts say today. More

27/02/2012 - Slimming pills warning
Many innocent-sounding slimming products sold on-line contain dangerous medicines, UK regulators have warned. More

25/01/2012 - Magic mushroom secrets offer treatment hope
British doctors want to test "magic mushroom" drugs as treatments for depression after a series of brain scans gave new insights into the chemicals. More

12/01/2012 - Joint herbs challenged
Most herbal treatments for arthritis have "unconvincing" evidence in their favour, experts warn today. More

06/12/2011 - Acupuncture hope for cancer pain
German researchers say that acupuncture may help relieve pain in patients undergoing cancer treatment - and that they have found a scientific way of showing this. More

09/11/2011 - Doubts over balance exercise programmes
Exercise programmes can help elderly people keep their balance and prevent falls - but dozens of pieces of research have failed to establish the best way of doing it, according to an analysis published today. More

01/11/2011 - Yoga backed for back-ache
Yoga can make a dramatic difference to people with back-ache, British researchers reported today. More

27/10/2011 - Blue-green hope to beat sunscreen allergy
Swedish researchers are hoping that blue-green algae will yield a "natural" sunscreen that may spare users from skin reactions. More

25/10/2011 - How stretching eases back-ache
Yoga or stretching classes can help relieve the misery of back-ache, researchers reported last night. More

12/09/2011 - Autumn flower may yield cancer drugs
Chemicals in a poisonous wild flower have been used to develop powerful new cancer treatments, British researchers report today. More

23/08/2011 - Saffron passes lab test
The yellow spice saffron may help to prevent liver cancer, researchers reported yesterday. More

16/08/2011 - Coffee cream may protect skin
Caffeine-based creams could be developed to help prevent some skin cancers, researchers claimed last night. More

12/08/2011 - Warning over herbal slimming products
A warning has been issued over several herbal slimming products that can cause serious side effects. More

10/08/2011 - Music to soothe troubled
Cancer patients may benefit from listening to music or having music therapy sessions, researchers say today. More

09/08/2011 - Herb law set to be flouted
A European crackdown on herbal treatments may be widely circumvented - denying users critical information on side-effects, British researchers say today. More

09/08/2011 - Soy fails menopause test
A soy-based therapy fails to offer any improvements for women going through the menopause - and may aggravate their symptoms, researchers reported last night. More

01/07/2011 - Warning over men's 'herbal' supplements
Men are being warned not to take unlicensed herbal remedies after they were found to contain a medicine that could cause life-threatening high blood pressure. More

06/06/2011 - End cowboy hypnosis - practitioners
The NHS should make more use of hypnosis - and save patients from "cowboys", practitioners said today. More

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