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Mixed access to home palliative care - study
Fri March 22nd - Access to palliative care at home for terminally ill patients depends heavily on the diagnosis, researchers say today. More
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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy

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17/05/2011 - How t'ai chi aids elderly
The popular Chinese martial art t'ai chi may boost the wellbeing of elderly people - but is not a cure-all, researchers reported today. More

13/04/2011 - Wound bacteria "checked" by honey
New research suggests that honey should be better exploited by modern medicine, a British scientist says today. More

29/03/2011 - Experts question point of acupuncture
There is little evidence that doing acupuncture properly relieves pain - and the risks of the procedure are too high, experts have claimed. More

21/03/2011 - 100 herbs approved
Some 100 herbal medicines have now gained approval from British regulators, it has been announced. More

08/03/2011 - How acupuncture soothes women
Women suffering from hot flushes may benefit from traditional Chinese acupuncture, medical researchers reported today. More

25/02/2011 - Midwives may need alternative training
Midwives and obstetricians may need formal training in complementary therapies because they are becoming so popular among pregnant women, researchers have warned. More

23/02/2011 - Alternatives won't reveal child allergies - experts
Parents who suspect a child has food allergy should not resort to alternative and high street tests, according to official UK guidance published today. More

23/02/2011 - Cannabis boosts cancer patient appetite
Cannabis may improve the enjoyment of food for cancer patients, researchers say today. More

23/12/2010 - Alternatives threaten children
Parents should realise the dangers of treating childhood illnesses with alternative medicines - following a series of deaths, researchers warned today. More

21/12/2010 - Herb may help common cold - a little
A popular herbal treatment for colds cuts the length of the illness by just half a day, according to a new analysis. More

09/12/2010 - Herbal wizards get WHO treatment
Global health officials are seeking to get to grips with traditional medicines in a bid to ensure they can be researched properly. More

30/11/2010 - Acupuncture relieves brain pain
Brain studies have shown how acupuncture can reduce pain in the body, a major conference was told last night. More

08/11/2010 - Abandon quinine call
After 300 years, quinine could be abandoned as a treatment for malaria, experts have said. More

22/10/2010 - Warning issued over unlicensed herbal weight loss products
A UK watchdog is urging dieters to stop taking unlicensed Payouji tea and Pai You Guo Slim Capsules because of health concerns. More

18/10/2010 - Yoga can alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia
People with the painful condition fibromyalgia may experience relief if they do yoga, research has suggested. More

08/10/2010 - Soothing herbs identified
Some herbal supplements can help treat anxiety disorders, according to an analysis published yesterday. More

01/10/2010 - Skunk "harmful" to memory
Smoking potent strains of cannabis, such as skunk, increases the risk of acute memory loss compared with those who smoke other types of the drug, experts warned today. More

29/09/2010 - Pine-bark extract does not lower blood pressure
Pine-bark extract has no effect in lowering blood pressure or reducing heart disease risk factors, researchers have concluded. More

28/09/2010 - Row over acupuncture dismissal
Claims that acupuncture is of little benefit in helping to rehabilitate stroke patients attracted controversy today. More

27/09/2010 - Mushrooming poison problem
A craze for picking wild mushrooms may be causing dozens of cases of potentially fatal poisoning, a British watchdog has warned. More

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