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Simple care changes that could save millions of neonates
Fri Dec 14th - Simple improvements to health care and advice to parents could save the lives of millions of babies globally, according to leading health organisations. More
Genetic discoveries offer new asthma hope
Fri Dec 14th - British researchers have found new genetic variants associated with severe asthma, leading to hope of new treatments to control mucus, it has been announced. More
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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy

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20/11/2018 - Common substances may reduce bowel polyp risk
Both aspirin and fish oil can improve the prospects for people at high risk of developing bowel cancer, according to the findings of a major UK study published today. More

02/11/2018 - Provisional guidance restricts medicinal cannabis use
Medicinal cannabis became legal for prescription in the UK yesterday – but clinicians have been given strict provisional guidelines on its use. More

31/07/2018 - Cannabis medicine hope for pancreatic cancer
Researchers have hailed a “remarkable” research finding that could have a significant impact on people being treated for pancreatic cancer. More

20/07/2018 - Diet, but not supplements, prevents cancer - studies
A healthy diet may help prevent cancer – but some supplements and alternative therapies offer no benefits, according to a series of studies reported today. More

02/05/2018 - MDMA may benefit PTSD
The banned drug MDMA could be a useful addition to the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, researchers say today. More

20/03/2018 - Complementary GPs reduce antibiotic use
GPs who have training in complementary therapies enjoy some success in limiting use of antibiotics, according to an analysis published today. More

09/08/2017 - Web aids binge eating disorder care
Internet-based support can effectively help reduce the severity of binge eating disorder, German researchers have reported. More

06/07/2017 - Vitamins D3 and D2 have different nutritional values
The nutritional values of the two types of vitamin D are significantly different, according to British researchers today. More

26/06/2017 - Cannabinoids effective for migraine treatment
Cannabinoids are as effective as other treatments for migraine attacks, an Italian study has revealed. More

21/06/2017 - Plan to boost access to animal therapy
A national protocol is being devised for the use of animal therapy in health care, it has been announced. More

15/05/2017 - 'Little clinical benefit' for vitamin D supplements
Vitamin D supplements provide little clinical benefit for older adults, unless they have a significant deficiency, a new report has revealed. More

17/02/2017 - Vitamin that relieves schizophrenia symptoms
High doses of B vitamins can effectively reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia, researchers at Manchester University reported last night. More

16/02/2017 - Study backs vitamin D to prevent infection
Low levels of vitamin D may help explain the spread of colds and flu during the winter, according to a major international research project published today. More

02/12/2016 - Foxglove leaf tea sends woman to A&E
A woman nearly died after mistakenly brewing foxglove leaves in a herbal tea, doctors revealed today. More

28/10/2016 - Pregnant women need tailored vitamin D supplements
Vitamin D supplements are not always effective for pregnant women, a study that was published last night has shown. More

14/10/2016 - New backing for e-cigarettes
Experts have repeated their backing for e-cigarettes being used as an aid for giving up smoking. More

13/10/2016 - Cannabis may thin bones
People who are heavy users of cannabis face loss of bone density and potential risk of osteoporosis, according to a new study. More

07/10/2016 - Dangers of natural remedy for child disability
An infant with autism developed hypercalcaemia after being fed "holistic supplements" prescribed by a naturopath, a doctor reports today. More

03/08/2016 - Pre-Olympics sport supplement crack-down
Dozens of sports supplements sold in the UK contain unauthorised medicines - although the numbers may be reducing, regulators announced today. More

06/06/2016 - Iron to be tested for heart failure
A major clinical trial will test if injections of iron supplements could ease the symptoms of heart failure, it was announced today. More

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