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Treatment hope for cognitive symptoms in Parkinson's disease
Tues May 17th - Ultra-powerful 7T MRI scanners could help to identify those patients with conditions such as Parkinson's disease who would benefit from new treatments for cognitive symptoms that were previously untreatable, British researchers report today. More
E-cigarettes as effective as patches for pregnant women
Tues May 17th - E-cigarettes can help pregnant women to stop smoking and are as safe as nicotine patches, according to new UK research. More
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Accident & Emergency

Accident & Emergency

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17/11/2016 - Physiotherapy no help for ankle sprain
Physiotherapy does not help improve recovery from ankle sprains, according to the findings of a major study reported today. More

19/10/2016 - Check-list to cut hospital falls
Physicians have launched a drive to reduce the rate of falls in hospitals through advice to patients and families. More

18/10/2016 - CPR drive as bystanders stand back
Improved rates of bystander CPR could help save 13% of cardiac arrest patients, researchers say today as campaigners seek to train thousands more in the life-saving techniques. More

17/10/2016 - Many A&E visits 'preventable'
One fifth of emergency department visits are preventable, a European conference has heard. More

20/09/2016 - Smartphone app benefits heart attack patients
Heart attack patients were able to get life-saving treatment faster after medical teams at different hospitals communicated via a smartphone app, a South Korean study has found. More

08/09/2016 - Craniectomy improves injury survival - study
Craniectomy following traumatic brain injury may improve patient survival, according to the findings of a UK study released last night. More

30/06/2016 - Test predicts sepsis following burns
A new test could help clinicians identify burns victims at risk of developing sepsis, according to researchers in Birmingham. More

02/06/2016 - Heart failure action call
Campaigners have called for action to help reduce heart failure rates after a sharp increase in hospital visits for the condition. More

27/05/2016 - WHO warning as attacks on health workers increase
There were almost 600 reported attacks on healthcare facilities and workers in 19 countries in just two years, the World Health Organisation has reported. More

16/05/2016 - MRI backed for cardiac diagnosis
MRI is the best way to diagnose high risk patients with cardiac chest pain, according to a five-year-long British research project reported today. More

06/05/2016 - First paintball liver injury reported
Doctors have treated a teenager in what is believed to be the first reported paintball related liver injury. More

19/04/2016 - Neighbourhood violence harms pregnancy
Women who encounter violence during pregnancy face an increased risk of prematurity and babies born with low birthweight, researchers reported yesterday. More

16/02/2016 - Air strikes kill hospital staff
At least eight members of staff working for medical charity MSF are missing and two are dead after a series of air raids on health facilities in northern Syria. More

08/12/2015 - Poor cancer after-care impacting A&E - report
The NHS is spending significant sums on emergency care of cancer patients because of inadequate after-care following treatment, it was claimed today. More

26/11/2015 - Blood test for concussion?
A simple blood test for serious concussion may be on the horizon, according to researchers at Glasgow University, UK. More

02/11/2015 - A&E cancer diagnosis: 25% dead within two months
A quarter of people diagnosed with cancer after going to accident and emergency departments in London die within two months, a conference is set to hear today. More

20/10/2015 - World struggles to cut road deaths
The world is making slow progress in tackling the toll of deaths on the roads, according to a major report published yesterday. More

01/07/2015 - Gene hope for chronic wounds
Swedish researchers are hoping to develop a genetic treatment for chronic wounds that fail to heal. More

11/06/2015 - Call for blood donors
The world needs to step up efforts to recruit voluntary blood donors to help tackle problems such as maternal deaths, according to health officials. More

03/02/2015 - Baby bath seats cause drownings
Bath seats are increasingly popular for babies - but they have been linked to a series of drownings, public health experts warned yesterday. More

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