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Dear website manager,

Growing numbers of website owners realise there is one thing that keeps a site up to date and fresh.

That is news!

But how do you make sure the news you are carrying is relevant and interesting to your readers?

The reality is that all the filtering gizmos in the world are no substitute for high-quality, old-fashioned journalism.

That is what we practise here at Englemed Health News - even though we are an exclusively on-line health news service.

We select the reports we believe will be of interest to our readers and we write them up in a clear straightforward fashion.

And we ensure our news is bang up to date.

What is more, if we are providing a news service to you, we can tailor the news to suit your needs.

We can make it international or a bit more local. We can concentrate on what's good for you and bad for you - or we could, if that is what you want, concentrate on new drugs and techniques - or we can make it a mixture of both.

The result? A service that is exclusive to your site - not just the selection of stories but the words used as well. Some stories that we place on your site will even be totally exclusive to you.

We believe this is a unique service on the net. And we're very competitive compared with the major news organisations. A choice selection of paragraphs every day should more than repay itself in the added interest added to your site.

Interested? Contact me at newsroom@englemed.co.uk or examine the details on our services page.

with regards


Jon Hunt, publisher

PS If you have not done so already please take a look at the range of stories generated by Englemed. You can see a summary here.

There's nothing automatic about our news service!