US Army Camps in the Midlands of England during World War II
- Current Research

View of the depot at Ashchurch

January 2019 - We are currently researching the former G-25 Supply Depot located at Ashchurch, just outside Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. This camp was taken over by American Ordnance and Engineer Units in 1942. Their task was to store, assemble and repair military vehicles and equipment that had been shipped to the U.K. from the U.S. It was the largest depot of it's type during World War Two.

We are collecting and collating information, stories and photos of the G.I.s based at Ashchurch (and the adjacent Northway Camp) and would like to hear from relatives of the servicemen based there and from local people from Tewkesbury and the surrounding area who have memories of the base and the men stationed there during World War 2. Some of the personnel at  the depot at Ashchurch

If you can help please contact Mart and Fran Collins at

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