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The Friendly Invasion of Leominster

By Martin and Frances Collins
An account of US Army hospitals in Leominster, Herefordshire
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Soldiers at Leominster Station

The Friendly Invasion of Leominster relates the story of the U.S. forces based in Leominster during World War 2 while awaiting D.Day. Amongst the units based in Leominster were the 5th Ranger Division and 90th Infantry Division, both of which played a major part in the D-Day landings.

Other units such as the 7th Armoured Division and the 736th Field Artillery Battalion were to spend time in Leominster while awaiting relocation to the Continent.

Some of these units were billeted in the grounds of Berrington Hall, just outside Leominster.

A U.S. general hospital, run first by the 76th General Hospital and then the 135th General Hospital was also set up at Barons Cross to take U.S. casualties from the combat in Europe. The personnel from these units made an impact on the town and this book provides photos and relates incidents from the personnelís time in Leominster and also follows their story across the Channel, relating the part the units played in the Allied victory of Europe.

Right: Soldiers at Leominster Station
Bottom: Aerial view of the 76th General Hospital, Leominster

Aerial view of the 76th General Hospital, Leominster

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