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Eve, toothpaste and malaria drugs
Fri January 19th - An artificially intelligent robot has helped to discover that an ingredient in toothpaste could be used as an anti-malarial drug, British researchers have reported. More
Robot could be used to treat birth defect
Fri January 19th - A robot has been developed that can help to treat babies with oesophageal atresia, it has been announced. More
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Impact of BRCA on early breast cancer studied
January 12th 2018 - Young women who are treated for early breast cancer do not face any immediate increased risk if they carry BRCA mutations, British researchers say today.

Resolutions may trigger risk-reducing behaviour change - study
January 5th 2018 - Sticking to New Year resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle helps individuals reduce the risk of developing cancer, according to Welsh researchers.

Flu surge – but not an epidemic
December 29th 2017 - British GPs reported a sharp increase in patients seeking treatment for flu-like symptoms last week, according to figures released yesterday.

Fruit that may help repair ex-smokers’ lungs
December 22nd 2017 - A diet high in apples and tomatoes could help to restore lung damage caused by smoking, a new US study has suggested.

Egyptian mummies reveal earliest known cancers
December 15th 2017 - Researchers have identified the oldest known cases of two kinds of cancer in Egyptian mummies, it has been announced.

Plea for pregnant women to get flu vaccine
December 8th 2017 - An urgent appeal has been launched by senior doctors to ensure pregnant women get flu vaccination.


Flu surge – but not an epidemic
December 2017 - British GPs reported a sharp increase in patients seeking treatment for flu-like symptoms last week, according to figures released yesterday.

Stroke care improvements continue
November 2017 - Care of patients who have suffered a stroke continues to improve dramatically in the NHS, according to a new analysis.

Warning of climate impact on health
October 2017 - Climate change is already having a serious effect on health, according to an analysis published today.

Typhoid vaccine passes trial
September 2017 - A new vaccine could prevent more than half of typhoid infections, researchers report today.

Mystery of million with herpes in the genome
August 2017 - About a million people in the UK carry a herpes virus in their genomes, according to a new analysis.


Ovary transplant babyOvary transplant baby born
September 24th 2004 - The first baby has been born to a woman who underwent an ovary transplant, it was announced today.

Celebrations and questions over Tamara birth
September 27th 2004 - The birth of a baby to a woman who had an ovarian transplant has created hope for dozens of others - despite some scientific scepticism.

Sydney Opera HouseBioterrorism alert as physicians from Australasia and Thailand meet
May 6th - 8th 2002 - News Special from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Brisbane.

A sculpture places a shadow over Westminster Abbey, London, as psychiatrists speak outCreativity or mental chaos - debated at international psychiatric conference
July 9th 2001 - The links between psychiatry and the arts are to be celebrated at a conference which starts in London today.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists has teamed up with the World Psychiatric Association to stage the event: "2001: A Mind Odyssey".

Mad cow disease report - Lord Phillips Cover-ups that led to spread of mad cow disease
October 26th 2000 - The epidemic of so-called mad cow disease in the United Kingdom probably sprang from a genetic mutation in an animal in the early 1970s, according to a government report.

Bubble baby gene therapist Alain Fischer Curing bubble babies
June 27th 2000 - Two doctors spoke today of the remarkable treatments they have devised for two once incurable blood conditions - and how they hoped they could lead to more cures.

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